Owlet IoT

The ultimate city management system


Owlet IoT remotely controls luminaires in a lighting network, creating opportunities for improved efficiency, accurate real-time data and energy savings of up to 85%. The Schréder Owlet IoT is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network. It is a unique combination of state-of-the art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaire at all times from anywhere in the world. With bi-directional communication, the operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored. Enhance your spaces for users while taking advantage of strong operational benefits!

  • Easy to deploy
  • Thanks to wireless communication, no cabling is needed. The network is not subject to physical constraints or limitations. From a single control unit to an unlimited network, you can expand your lighting scheme at any time. With real-time geolocation and an automatic detection of the luminaire, the commissioning is quick and easy.

  • Secure communication
  • The Owlet IoT system uses a local wireless mesh communication between the luminaires for instant reactions on-site combined with a remote control system. Using a secure APN, Owlet IoT ensures a high level of protection. In the exceptional case of a communication failure, the built-in astronomical clock and photocell will take over to switch the luminaires on and off, thus avoiding a complete blackout at night.

  • Efficient network management
  • Thanks to sensors and/or pre-programmed settings, the lighting scenarios can be easily adapted to cope with live events, thus providing the right lighting levels at the right time and in the right place. Accurate real-time feedback and clear reporting ensures that the network operates efficiently and that maintenance is optimised.

  • Open API
  • The LUCO P7 CM controller can be plugged onto the standard 7 pin NEMA socket and operates through either a DALI or 1-10V interface to control the luminaire. Through open APIs, Owlet IoT can be integrated into existing or future global management systems.

Smart City enabler

Imagine a lighting network that can adapt to the real needs of the space being lit. Consider how a real-time reporting system could improve the efficiency of your network. Think of what you could achieve with a network that interacts with IoT devices. Envisage precise analytical data to help you make the right decisions. Owlet IoT is the ideal tool to help you achieve your Smart City vision!

User-friendly interface

An easy-to-use dashboard enables each user to organise and customise screens, statistics and reports. The Owlet IoT web application can be accessed at all times from anywhere in the world with a device connected to the Internet. The application adapts to the device to offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience.


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