Essential for social and economic development, lighting on roads and motorways must enable motorists to travel safely and securely to reduce the risks of accidents and ensure a fluid mobility.

While turning off lights at an arbitrary time such as midnight may appeal to public authorities faced with constrained budgets, we believe that to provide safe, trouble-free and efficient traffic, the levels of light should be determined by the activity on the road.

Having pioneered road and motorway lighting for more than 100 years, our experience has led us to develop LED luminaires and smart control systems that enable you to:


Improve road safety and traffic flow

Ensure that drivers stay fully alert and consequently reduce traffic accidents with our LED luminaires that not only respect the lighting standards (lux levels, uniformity…) but deliver a white light with a good CRI that provides great visual accuracy.

In addition, they require no routine maintenance, which means less disruption for drivers for a more fluid traffic flow and a better service for road users.


Generate significant cost savings

Lighting your road network does not need to be expensive. While it is well-known that LED technology reduces energy consumption, our luminaires deliver a superior lumen/watt ratio to light roads in the most efficient manner and dramatically cut the power needed.

Fitted with sensors and control systems, they can dim the lighting when there is little activity to cut power consumption costs even more. And less energy means a lower carbon footprint.

In addition, our Owlet control solution will enable you to effectively plan, monitor, troubleshoot and report on your lighting network to reduce maintenance costs as well.


Limit pollution

A reduction in light pollution is not only good news for people living near major roads and motorways, but also for nature. Fitted with our specific optics, our luminaires direct the light only where it is needed, reducing light spill and pollution.

Luminaires on main arteries can also be equipped with air quality sensors which capture data and transport it through the Owlet IoT system to adapt speed limits and protect communities from harmful emissions and support a healthier environment.


Gain a fast return on investment

The significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs with our LED luminaires results in savings that ensure a quick return on investment. Add in our intelligent control systems and the total cost of ownership is even better.

The initial investment need not be too significant either as our LED optics provide light distributions that enable the spacing between the poles to be increased, resulting in fewer luminaires lighting the same stretch of road.