Road lighting solutions

Good road infrastructure is vital to support economic and social development. But do people feel safe travelling on your roads? Schréder’s smart road lighting solutions improve safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, especially on high-volume routes, for a more pleasant journey with less energy. They ensure perfect visibility to help reduce the number of accidents while optimising operating costs. Simply put, they deliver the right light at the right time. Our connected luminaires can integrate the latest technology to gain valuable data to tackle issues like pollution and congestion for a more active and greener mobility. We help road operators to:

Design for life

Create roads and streets where the lighting not only respects the required levels but makes people feel safe and comfortable, adapting to the changing 24-hour day and mitigating the impact on neighbourhoods, wildlife and skies.

Improve mobility

Optimise the flow of traffic with our energy-efficient lighting systems that ensure the correct levels of lighting with excellent visibility. An optimised flow means reduced traffic congestion and shorter journey times.

Lower costs

The advanced optics of our luminaires offer an unparalleled solution in light output while significantly reducing power consumption. With Schréder EXEDRA, adapt the light levels to real needs, extending maintenance and further reducing operating costs.

Prepare the future

Our connected lighting systems not only keep people safe and contribute to a more sustainable footprint but can also capture and process data to solve your challenges today and whatever the future brings.