GREENSTAR 3 Surface and Suspended

The GREENSTAR 3 range is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance without compromising on architectural design and engineering excellence


To complement contemporary structures, architectural lighting must possess adaptability. The flexibility of architecture calls for lighting solutions that can enhance and elevate the quality of work. As a leading provider of linear lighting solutions, the GREENSTAR 3 range meets the unique needs of architects, interior designers, and engineers. Our primary objective is to illuminate your creative vision and augment the aesthetic allure of your architectural projects.

We have reimagined our popular GREENSTAR range with cutting-edge diffusers that not only enhance lighting efficiency but also elevate aesthetics. The PlexiLED diffuser ensures exceptional light diffusion, while the Parabolic Louvre promotes uniformity and reduces glare. Equipped with advanced Glare Control technology, these diffusers deliver optimal visual comfort in various settings, day and night.

  • More than just linear light
  • With multiple sizes, profiles and optics, GREENSTAR 3 is designed to enhance lighting efficiency and aesthetics

  • Circular economy and sustainability
  • GREENSTAR 3 follows the principle of the circular economy, aiming for responsible use of resources. With its highly recyclable materials (aluminium) and future-proof design, GREENSTAR 3 is a reliable, long-lasting and repairable lighting solution

  • GREENSTAR 3 Profile Systems
  • Full range of profiles from 45mm to 75mm, including Square, Slot, Slot, D/I and Recessed

  • GREENSTAR 3 Optics
  • High performance PlexiLED, Parabolic Louvre, Glare Control, Day and Night diffuser. All diffuser designed for a uniform appearance with no visible spotting and no light leaks on end plates  and joins.

Ready to design with flexibility and diversity

With a wide range of options available, our lighting solutions are designed to illuminate your next project with precision. Choose from multiple sizes, profiles, and optics to achieve the perfect lighting effect. Profiles include Square, Slot and consist of three sizes, 45, 60 and 75 .

When it comes to colour, our offer is not limited to black, natural anodised, and white finishes, to ensure a seamless integration with your design aesthetic, possibilities are endless.

Top-tier for a circular economy

GREENSTAR 3 stands out for a circular economy as the strict Circle Light Label assessment on 12 criteria demonstrates. The GREENSTAR 3 circular score is remarkable, not only due to its high efficiency but also because of circular features:

  • fully recyclable materials
  • modularity in design
  • future ready for replaceable LED engine
Custom IES Configurator

Our standard profile offer includes, 45 Square and Slot, 60Square and Slot, and 75 Square. Use the Austube Custom Configurator to design and build your customised lighting system. The configurator generates customised IES files and datasheets according to your specification.


Electrical class
Nominal voltage
Control protocol(s)
Power consumption (W)
11.0 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
Colour rendering index (CRI)
>80, Optional: >90
High grade aluminium profile
Natural Anodised or Powder Coated
Tightness level
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-25°C up to +40°C

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
75 GS3 SQUARE - 75 x 82 - W x H (mm)
60 GS3 SQUARE - 55 x 61 - W x H (mm)
60 GS3 SLOT - 59 x82 - W x H (mm)
45 GS3 SQUARE - 44 x 52 - W x H (mm)
45 GS3 SLOT - 44 x77 - W x H (mm)
Weight (kg | lbs)
75 GS3 SQUARE - 3.6
60 GS3 SQUARE - 2.6
60 GS3 SLOT - 3.5
45 GS3 SQUARE - 2.2
45 GS3 SLOT - 2.7
Mounting possibilities
Surface Mounted
Wire Suspended
Rod Suspended
Wall Mounted

Control systems

Control link