Hunting Energy Services

Industrial lighting solution reduces costs, carbon footprint and maintenance operations at Velsen-Noord facility

Hunting Energy Services (HES) manufactures products that enable oil and gas extraction for the world’s leading companies. The lighting in the company’s manufacturing facility in Velsen-Noord had deteriorated. It was providing a low light output (100 - 150 lux) that had reduced visibility and created an unpleasant working environment. The company decided to take action and upgrade the lighting. 

"The lighting needed to be replaced. We were also keen to go green and reduce our energy consumption. Together with Schréder, we drew up a plan." explains Mr. Visser, General Manager Well Test & Process Systems at HES. 

Audit and analysis for the right industrial lighting design

After carrying out an audit of the premises, we drew up a lighting plan that would provide the necessary light levels with a one-on-one replacement to avoid unnecessary installation work and costs. All of the outdated, energy-hungry fixtures in the facility were upgraded with INDU BAY and INDU LINE GEN3 luminaires. In the adjacent office, the recessed fixtures were removed and INDU PANEL luminaires were installed.



Hunting Energy Services



Higher light output with less energy

The new LED luminaires have tripled the light levels to 350-400 lux with a 30% reduction in energy consumption. They evenly distribute the light throughout the warehouse (60% uniformity) so there are no dark zones or shadows. The 110° wide beam of the INDU BAY ensures perfect visibility throughout the facility; all staff can clearly see all the equipment and the overhead cranes. 

We are really satisfied with the improvement in the quality of light. The installation went smoothly and the increased light output makes it much easier to see what you are doing. It works nicely.

Mr. Visser
General Manager Well Test & Process Systems - Hunting Energy Services

Industrial lighting that respects standards

The new lighting complies with the Dutch national standard (NEN-EN 12464-1:2011) that ensures a safe and conducive working environment for all employees.

A sustainable lighting solution 

The INDU BAY and INDU LINE deliver high-quality light in the long term thanks to their high IP 66 rating that protects from dust, heat and corrosion ingress. With a robust design, they are made of aluminium and glass so that can be recycled at the end of their long service life. 

The management at the Velsen-Noord facility is happy that it has reduced costs, maintenance operations and its carbon footprint all while improving the workspace for staff.