Owlet Nightshift

Remote management system with user-friendly interface


Owlet Nightshift is a remote management system for monitoring, controlling, metering and managing a lighting network. Owlet Nightshift provides advanced solutions to operate a lighting installation remotely from anywhere in the world. The lighting network is managed through the internet via a simple web browser. Each individual light point can be controlled at any time. Thanks to a bi-directional communication, operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored.

  • Enhanced security
  • The advanced Nightshift system provides a secure data storage and back-up. The system uses bank level security mechanisms to encrypt data while using standard web browsers.

  • Reporting system
  • Events are stored in the database with an exact timestamp and geographical location. The reports can be pre-defined or customised to focus on the most interesting information. This feature provides an efficient alarm and asset management to prevent small failures developing into major problems and to detect vandalism or theft.

  • Third party integration
  • Thanks to its open source Zigbee technology and its flexible MySQL workflow, the Nightshift system can be easily integrated with third party ERP systems through data bridges. This flexibility increases functionalities far beyond lighting.

  • Fall-back scenario
  • In case of control issues, the system switches to a default programme ensuring that the lighting installation does not switch off and continues to provide safety in the public space.

Data management

All the feedback of the lighting scheme is stored in a MySQL database making the data available for long-term evaluations like energy analysis, lamp lifetime forecasting, problem detection…

Absolute compatibility

Any type of lamp, ballast or LED driver - magnetic gear, bi-power, step-down, electronic ballast with or without a 1-10V interface or DALI - can be managed by Owlet Nightshift.

Owlet Nightshift is a user-friendly asset management interface for an optimised management of costs and services.
Control as easy as browsing the internet

From your computer or your mobile device, you can manage your lighting installation via your web browser. The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use.


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