Check and easily adjust your luminaire on-site


The Schréder built-in Bluetooth solution is ideal for the on-site configuration of individual outdoor luminaires using Bluetooth.
By simply standing beside the luminaire, the user is able to switch it on or off, adapt the dimming curve, read diagnostic data and much more. 
A user-friendly application called Sirius BLE provides easy and secure access to the control and configuration functions.
Whether you are managing a lighting network in an urban or a residential area, this solution will make it easy to control your outdoor luminaires on-site.

  • Quick and easy pairing with the app
  • Get the Sirius App from Schréder. 
    Go to the menu. 
    Press the “SCAN DEVICE (START)” button to search for the surrounding BLE luminaires. 
    Available BLE luminaires will be listed in order of signal strength, with the closest having the strongest signal. With a matching access key you are then able to connect to that BLE luminaire.

  • Defining the settings
  • Once you are connected to a luminaire, you can read and change various parameters such as the maximum output current, minimum dimming level and custom dimming profile. 
    The whole configuration can easily be saved in your smartphone to be duplicated for other luminaires. 

  • Manual dimming
  • With the App, you can do a manual override to test the dimming levels instantly.
    Simply tap on the “Dimming” button in the main menu and adjust the lighting levels using the wheel and button. 
    Predefined dimming levels can be applied immediately. 
    The corresponding value is displayed on the wheel. 
    You can also test the ON/OFF and dimming level of the luminaire paired to the smartphone.

  • On-site diagnostic
  • When a luminaire is paired, you can access diagnostic data; total number of power-up events, the operating time of the LED module and driver, the total energy consumption of LED driver... etc. 
    You can also track operating events (short circuits, thermal shutdowns...). 
    The displayed values can either be real-time or the totals accumulated since first power-up.