Smart lighting upgrades simplified


Upgrade your lighting with POHO GEN2, the versatile accessory for integrating smart controllers into luminaires with no NEMA sockets. With a standard NEMA connector, optional PIR motion sensor and built-in RFID for easy commissioning, POHO GEN2 ensures long-lasting performance and practical installation. Compatible with OWLET IV and other NEMA-based controllers, it maintains the aesthetic appeal of your luminaires while adding advanced lighting control.

  • Versatile compatibility
  • Works with a range of luminaire controllers, including OWLET IV and common NEMA-based models.

  • Advanced lighting control
  • POHO GEN2 can be fitted with a built-in PIR motion sensor for light-on-demand scenarios.

  • Durable and reliable
  • IP 66 sealing, IK 08 impact resistance and wide temperature range.

  • Practical installation
  • POHO GEN2 comes pre-wired (7m cable) and with a built-in RFID for convenient installation and easy commissioning.

Connect the unconnected

POHO GEN2 can be used to retrofit an existing lighting installation where the luminaire does not have a native connection. It can also be used to prevent the controller from interfering with the pure aesthetics of a decorative lantern, or where a NEMA socket cannot be fitted to a luminaire due to its specific design.

Create dynamic light-on-demand scenarios

With POHO GEN2, you can easily create light-on-demand scenarios using the built-in PIR sensor or the auxiliary input for external sensors. This flexibility enables dynamic lighting control, improves energy efficiency and provides tailored lighting based on real-time activity and motion detection.


Recommended installation height (m)
4.5 - 
Electrical class
Socket option(s)
Tightness level
Impact resistance

Control systems

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Installation and Maintenance

Versatile and easy to fit

POHO GEN2 offers versatile, easy installation with a pre-assembled 7m cable for power, dimming and optional sensor connections. It can be securely mounted to any pole using standard stainless steel straps (not supplied). Built-in RFID enables quick auto-commissioning with OWLET controllers, ensuring a simple and adaptable set-up for different lighting configurations.