Smart Wroclaw

Connected and scalable lighting infrastructure to deliver high-quality living and grow in a sustainable way

The 1,000-year-old city of Wroclaw is the fourth largest in Poland and aims to be the smartest. The city is determined to be as citizen-friendly as possible, providing excellent conditions for life, work, learning and leisure.

To achieve their goals, the city is driving a digital transformation to make it more effective, efficient and responsive to the needs of its residents and business community. 

Open and scale-up solutions

As part of its sustainable smart city plan, the local authorities implemented the Schréder EXEDRA control system to manage its lighting network a few years ago. It wanted to be able to use the lighting infrastructure to gather data to improve services and better manage the city in real time.

We engaged with other smart technology providers to help the city address these challenges with a connected network of aesthetic and energy-saving luminaires. All of our luminaires are built to be open and interoperable so that they can integrate with other applications and systems, ensuring a futureproof and scalable solution for the city. 

Smart and enhanced business district 

As part of its on-going efforts in 2019, the city decided to upgrade some of the luminaires in the city to improve safety and create a better sense of well-being at night in certain areas. 
The street lights on Powstancow Slaskich, a large tree-lined thoroughfare, located in the business centre and a short walk from the Old Town, were upgraded to reflect its more modern style. Just over 545 TECEO luminaires were installed to light the roads while the ISLA LED lights the adjacent streets. 

The neighbouring street leading to the main car park on Powstancow Slaskich is now lit by the PILZEO in the evenings. This luminaire distributes a soft white light with high visual comfort for users. 

All of the luminaires are controlled by Schréder EXEDRA and integrate the platform managed by the Tauron Group, the city’s energy supplier. 

Sustainable smart parks 

The lighting in Poludniowego Park was also replaced. The city wanted a solution that would only light the park when it is being used - ensuring the safety and well-being of users - to save energy and preserve the flora and fauna

The KIO LED was chosen to light the paths in the park. It gently guides people out for a stroll or their daily sport and creates a secure and pleasant nocturnal ambiance, creating a place for the local community to relax, meet friends and enjoy themselves.

SHUFFLE columns were also installed in certain areas of the park, notably the playgrounds and near the Frederic Chopin monument - this SHUFFLE discreetly integrates an additional 180° spot module to illuminate the statue when the sun sets. 

Fitted with cameras, the SHUFFLEs in the playgrounds heighten the sense of security, reassuring families and older generations. 

Both the KIO LED and the SHUFFLE are fitted with motion detection sensors and managed by Schréder EXEDRA to adapt the lighting when footfall is intermittent during the hours of darkness. 

Measuring air quality 

Two of the SHUFFLE columns are fitted with a smog sensor which measures the quality of air in the park. When the sensors detect a certain level of ozone in the air, they transmit the data and the colour of the light ring changes to green to red to inform people using the park so they can take necessary action. For example, people exercising would then know to slow down or reduce any strenuous physical activity. 

Designed for people

Thanks to the use of smart lighting systems, the city of Wroclaw is improving the safety and the quality of life for its residents while running a more sustainable network

These public spaces meet and respond to the needs of the people using them with technology that can be built upon to create more services in the future. 

Powstancow Slaskich


City of Wroclaw