Billingham Station Footbridge

Smart lighting solution supports a town's biggest upgrade in 50 years

A town with strong rail connections to places like Newcastle, Whitby, and Hexham, sees its biggest upgrade in over 50 years. 

In March 2023, Billingham Station introduced an unobstructed accessible route connecting the two platforms and a step-free solution with two new lifts to support those with limited mobility, heavy luggage, bicycles, pushchairs etc. To make the station more accessible and encourage more people to travel by train, this project was delivered by AMCO GIFFEN, who designed and chose Urbis Schréder’s ALINEA LED HANDRAILS to illuminate the footbridge and serve its intended purpose.  

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Unrivalled performance, coupled with seamless aesthetics, to deliver the best experience.

Our ALINEA LED HANDRAILS were used to illuminate the Billingham Bridge and drive footfall.  

ALINEA is our robust solution that provides a safe and pleasant experience for travelling passengers. By illuminating bridges, pathways, and stairways the local council can drive footfall to new areas and therefore benefit the local economy. It can also have a profound effect on its presence at night. Whether it is a 200-year-old stairway, or a new pedestrian bridge a long-lasting scheme can provide benefits and recognition for decades to come. 

When clients are spending large sums of money on new infrastructure, it is easy to forget the lighting. However, to protect the investment made it is critical to illuminate the infrastructure properly both to highlight the development but most importantly ensure it remains, safe and usable during the darker hours. 

Bespoke lighting to support your decarbonisation transport initiatives.

With energy prices relentlessly rising, there has never been a better time for local authorities to reduce overhead costs, prioritise safety and build confidence in outdoor areas. Money is often wasted on poorly designed systems which don’t benefit the comfort of the commuters/travellers or your finances, and what people don’t know is that installing the optimal lighting solution for each area of the station also offers significant financial savings too. 

Schréder’s EXEDRA, is a remote-control system which allows you to monitor, meter and manage in a lighting network. It is a complete solution based on open standards and protocols. Schréder’s EXEDRA offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use web interface to control each luminaire, at all times, through a secure internet connection. With bi-directional communication, the operating status, energy consumption and possible failures can be monitored. As a result, this improves efficiency: accurate real-time data and energy savings of up to 85%. 

Whether it is the station forefront, carparks, platforms, footbridges, tunnels, junctions, or maintenance pits, Schréder’s dedicated systems offer solutions to suit YOUR space. Our expertise enables any environment to be transformed into a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective place where the commuters can travel with ease and no worries. Schréder’s lighting systems also require less maintenance than traditional discharge lamps, which means another reduction in costs. 

A connected solution

However, connecting your luminaires is not just about adding in a control system to the products you are having installed, it’s much more than that. It is about control of the area you are lighting, it’s about the space the lights are in and the people who are using that space, it’s about delivering solutions beyond lighting for electric mobility, security, information, and entertainment. Is the light right for type of areas? Are you lighting an area to reduce the crime rate? What type of lighting will attract people to use that space? And do you need to dim the light during certain hours of the night but have the control to be able to make them bright again should there be an emergency? Are you wanting to look for energy efficient lighting, a more sustainable solution that reduces your costs?

So, by taking all of this into consideration, the place, the space, the people, the light, the control, let’s get connected!

Sustainable Railway Infrastructure

High quality, yet energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting provides a strategic asset for the development of a sustainable and beneficial railway infrastructure. Urbis Schréder’s wide range of lighting solutions for the rail industry, combined with the company’s expertise and outstanding heritage in delivering breakthrough projects, creates the best possible experience for passengers and staff in the station environment. 

Critical to delivering a safe and pleasant passenger experience inside and in the vicinity of a station is appropriate lighting solutions. New technology also offers the rail industry the ability to improve station lighting and significantly reduce cost. By combining traditional street lighting, LED handrails, continuous tiled lighting, and ground level inclination lighting; it is possible to create a bright and effective environment. The improved visibility reduces the risk of crime in a station environment and increases passenger confidence. 

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