Together for Our People - 2021

In 2020, 27% of Schréder employees were female

At Schréder, every employee is valued for his or her skill set. We actively look for and choose employees based on their experience and the value they bring to the company. This concept is underlined in our Code of Conduct, in the section “respect and dignity for everyone in the workplace”.
To protect our people and address their needs, our Together for Our People strategy focuses on 2 axes:

  1. diversity and
  2. respect of Human Rights.



We demonstrate respect in our interactions by valuing difference, being inclusive, and embracing diversity.

Maria Antonia Vestia - CRO- Schréder
Maria Antonia Vestia
Chief Regional Officer
Schréder will have 20% more women in Management positions by 2025

The diversity of the staff, in all its forms (skills, experience, age, gender, culture, etc.), is a source of renewal, innovation and creativity. In line with the UN’s goals, we decided to focus our effort first on gender diversity and equality as this is still an on-going concern in society as a whole.

27% of Schréder employees are women with only 15% in leadership or managerial positions. We are implementing new initiatives to increase the proportion of women in the organisation by 2025, primarily in Leadership and other Managerial positions to 20%



Respect of Human Rights

We play an active role in the communities where we operate by doing business ethically: we expect the same from our suppliers.

Johan Van de Velde - CFO - Schréder
Johan Van de Velde
Chief Legal Officer
80% of Schréder's total supply value comply with the RBA15 standard and 100% will do so by 2022

In 2020, we adopted the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct as our standard on Human Rights. Our goal is to protect Human Rights directly and indirectly by ensuring that Schréder’s entities and their supply chain are safe and that workers are treated with respect and dignity.

At the end of 2020, we informed all our Group suppliers and required them to confirm adherence and compliance with the RBA standard. A total of 90% of Group suppliers already adhere to the RBA code. 

By 2022, 80% of the total supply value and 100% of "risk" suppliers will be compliant with the RBA standard.