Schréder ITERRA

Sports lighting control as simple as child's play!


Schréder ITERRA provides a complete user- and installer-friendly wireless control solution for sports lighting applications. It offers site managers a robust, cost-effective and futureproof platform to run their infrastructure with the utmost flexibility for adapting the lighting to any scenario or event while maximising energy savings and providing the best experience for players, fans and the neighbourhood.
A mobile App based system, Schréder ITERRA is very easy to operate. It comes with an intuitive visual interface that users can quickly personalise to the layout and settings of their lighting installation.
Schréder ITERRA is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the state-of-the-art wireless communication standard fully compatible with all recent smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. The use of open and standard technologies coupled with the handy App makes Schréder ITERRA a real plug-and-play remote control solution for extracting the full potential of the lighting installation.

  • Minimum hardware, maximum freedom
  • The Schréder ITERRA control solution for sports lighting has a minimum footprint and provides excellent flexibility for installation on the field. A cabinet (ITERRA BASICBOX) acts as a connection hub and groups control bus cabling next to the floodlights. Its NEMA socket hosts a control node (ITERRA NEMA NODE) that converts a wired signal into BLE wireless communication in a mesh network. This set can pilot up to 8 DALI drivers separately.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Schréder ITERRA is a 100% wireless system that minimises investment. It does not require any extra cabling between the poles, nor a gateway or PLC. It is straightforward to implement in new or retrofit projects and supports all luminaires - even ones we don't provide - as long as they are DALI compatible.

  • PRESS remote control for one-touch control
  • To enable end-users to trigger lighting scenarios while preventing them from modifying the settings, the solution includes the multifunctional wireless Schréder ITERRA PRESS. It works as an all-in-one remote control that gives access to the essential Schréder ITERRA mobile App control features. As the back of the device is magnetic, it provides vast flexibility for installation with easy change of location at any time.

  • High-end security
  • Schréder ITERRA provides data security with encryption, hashing and essential management options that protect data across the application. The multi-user mode allows access rights to be granted to different members with, if needed, different levels of permission.

Master your sports lighting with Schréder ITERRA

The Schréder ITERRA mobile App is the central control station for the system. Commission the installation, define groups, turn on/off all or specific luminaires, dim the lighting, create scenarios and monitor the installation - do all of this with a few taps on the screen of a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch! With actual pictures of the site, it provides a very visual, personalised interface for interacting with the lighting installation.

Mobile App, available free of charge

By pre-setting specific lighting scenarios, sports facility managers can make sure they offer the perfect playing conditions for various types of occasion (matches, training, maintenance or entertainment) while using only the necessary energy and minimising light glow in the surroundings.
The Schréder ITERRA mobile App is available free of charge on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Mesh technology: reliability, scalability and versatility

The Schréder ITERRA sports control lighting solution relies on a mesh network where all the system's intelligence is replicated in every node. It creates a self-organising and self-healing architecture as it prevents any communication failure. To interact with the lighting installation, the user simply needs to send a command from their device within the Bluetooth range of one node. This will act as a messenger and transfer the order to the whole installation. The network can be extended at any time.