Largo de Santos

Albany LED creates inviting nocturnal space for residents while reducing the city’s carbon footprint

The city of Lisbon has renovated Largo de Santos as part of its “A square in every neighbourhood” plan.
This plan aims to create better spaces to improve the quality of life and the citizens are an integral element of the planning process.

For the redevelopment of Largo de Santos, one of the streets bordering the park was converted to a pedestrian area while the gardens and entrances were refurbished.
The lighting was also replaced to create a more convivial space at night where the residents would be happy to gather.

The local authorities chose the Albany LED to relight the park and surrounding roads. With its classic Victorian design and multiple configurations, it perfectly integrates the environment to create a secure landscape with low energy consumption.

The luminaires are equipped with the Schréder EXEDRA control system to dim the light when the park is not being used and generate further energy savings.

The Ramalho Ortigão statue in the centre of the gardens is highlighted by two SCULPdot floodlights.

The residents, especially the young people who like to gather and socialise in the park at the weekend, are delighted with the newly transformed space which provides a safe and comfortable environment thanks to the warm white light of the Albany LED.

Largo de Santos