Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen

Industry lighting reduces the company’s operational expenses and carbon footprint while ensuring an optimised working environment

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen, also known as MaBe, is a 65-year old family business that manufactures agricultural machinery. The company offers press systems and mulching machines for fruit and viticulture as well as laser cutting and finishing services. It has built a reputation for innovation, quality construction and customer satisfaction and counts many large companies like Lidl, Kaufland (Schwarz Gruppe) and Rewe among its clients. 

All of the operations are centralised at the company’s headquarters facilities in Bermatingen on Lake Constance. The company continually invests in its infrastructure to ensure it has the most modern production facilities. In recent years, the company extended its production halls from 9,000m² to just over 15,600m². 

The new facilities were designed with the principal drivers of safety and efficiency in operations, with low energy use. The company were looking for a state-of-the-art lighting solution to light both inside and outside the new facilities. They entrusted us to deliver a complete solution to save the company time and money. 

Modern building, latest technology

MaBe wanted to minimise energy consumption on-site, both for the environmental benefits and the cost savings. 
They needed energy-efficient lighting that would not only respect worker health and safety but create a morale boosting environment. In addition, it had to be reliable, offer a long life, low maintenance and an easy installation. 

The INDU BAY was ideal. With a low power consumption, this advanced high-bay fixture delivers an excellent quality of light with a high colour rendition that makes staff feel more alert, making it easier to operate machinery, concentrate on precision work and discern colours. 

A total of 140 luminaires were installed, delivering 300 lux which can be increased to 500 lux via DALI. 

Immediate savings  

Easy to install, the INDU BAY was designed to reduce dust accumulation and has a high degree of protection against dust, moisture and corrosion ingress which will ensure an excellent performance for many years to come. 
With its robust materials and the long life of the its LEDs, it will need little maintenance, reducing costs linked to the lighting even further. 

Full turnkey solution  

We also delivered energy-efficient lighting for the new outdoor areas to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, from the moment people arrive to the moment they leave. 

The NEOS LED was installed to light the loading bays. It guarantees optimum visual conditions at any time of the day and even in adverse weather conditions so people and vehicles can circulate without danger and be capable of swift orientation. It can withstand the dirt and vibrations from the running vehicles to provide a long service life. 

The TECEO lights the new access road to the facilities. It delivers a bright uniform lighting so vehicles and people arriving early in the morning or late in the evening have perfect visibility to circulate in safety and security, and ultimately with peace of mind, contributing to a pleasant overall experience. 

Nocturnal feature

The contemporary façade is illuminated by low energy SCULP floodlights when it is dark to reflect the high technology purpose of the building and so people can easily spot it from a distance. It also creates a welcoming nocturnal environment for employees and enhances the company brand, which is a big employer in the region. 

The right lighting

The Schréder lighting solution ticked all the boxes for MaBe - low energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, reduced maintenance workload, an enhanced working environment and ultimately value for money. The lighting was delivered without fuss, to budget and on time, pleasing management and staff. 



Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen