Abahjur LED

Classic urban luminaire with a modern twist for cost-effective lighting beab


Designed to light various urban landscapes such as residential areas, parks, squares, bicycle paths and urban historical centres, the Abahjur LED outdoor luminaire combines a timeless design with the energy efficiency of LED technology.
The name Abahjur LED refers to Friesland, a Dutch province and one of the many regions where the original conical ‘Kegel’ street light pole remains very popular. This classical shape is now refreshed to provide an aesthetic continuity while generating massive energy savings.
Abahjur LED ensures photometric performance and comfort to offer safety and well-being in the public space. The robust design of the Abahjur LED luminaire guarantees a long-lasting performance. btea 

  • Designed for all urban lighting applications
  • Thanks to its various lumen packages and its wide range of optics, the Abahjur LED outdoor luminaire offers a lighting solution suited to all typical low-height urban applications: streets, squares, parks, bike paths and car parks.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • The Abahjur LED street luminaire is supplied pre-cabled so it does not need to be opened during installation. It is designed for a quick and easy mounting on a Ø60mm spigot by tightening two screws.

  • Built to last
  • Thanks to a high tightness level that protects the internal components, the Abahjur LED urban luminaire maintains the performance of its state-of-the-art LED technology over time. A high resistance to impacts makes it suitable for harsh urban environments.

  • Performance and visual comfort
  • With its striated protector, the Abahjur outdoor LED lighting solution ensures photometric performance and comfort (low glare) to offer safety and well-being in public spaces.

Best return on investment for ambiance lighting

The Abahjur LED outdoor luminaire offers the best savings to investment ratio in ambiance lighting thanks to its affordable pricing and high performance. This efficiency enables a lower payback time for a new scheme and enables towns and cities to benefit from the savings for many years afterwards.
As energy costs will keep increasing, the best energy is energy that is not used.
Investing in the Abahjur LED optimises the Total Cost of Ownership of your lighting installation. bate


Recommanded installation height (m)
4.0 - 
Номінальна напруга
Захист від перенапруги (кВ)
Протокол(и) керування
Варіанти роз'ємів
Пов'язані системи керування
Колірна температура LED
Індекс кольоропередачі (CRI)
ULOR se može razlikovati u zavisnosti od konfiguracije. Molim vas, kontaktiraje nas.
Конструкційні деталі
Galvanised steel
Стандартний колір
Всі конфігурації

Dimensions and mounting

Можливості кріплення
Nasadna montaža na vrh stuba – Ø60mm
Nasadna montaža na vrh stuba – Ø76mm

Control systems

Control options for Abahjur LED

The Abahjur LED street lighting poles offer the following dimming options:
• Bi-power
• Constant light output
• Custom dimming profile
• 1-10V
• Remote management

The Abahjur LED luminaire in combination with an Owlet control system offers a high performing lighting solution with energy savings of up to 85% compared with luminaires fitted with traditional light sources. 
This efficiency lowers its payback time and contributes to a responsible use of natural resources.bate t

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Post-top mounting

The canopy can be opened for maintenance by unscrewing 4 captive screws. An integrated hinge retains the canopy and prevents it from falling down when opened. It gives direct access to the gear plate.aetb b

Poles and Brackets




Accessories and versions