Photinus and Schréder join forces to bring solar lighting to communities worldwide

Photinus, a leading European provider of solar lighting solutions, has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Schréder, the leading independent provider of smart outdoor lighting solutions, for a 49% stake to accelerate the growth of smart and connected solar solutions.

Photinus and Schréder join forces to deliver solar lighting to communities worldwide
Werner de Wolf (CEO - Schréder), Martin Kessler (CEO - Photinus), Constanze von Mühlenfels (Regional Director D/A/CH - Schréder), Philippe Felten (Chief Commercial Officer - Schréder) and Claus Steuer (International Sales Director - Photinus) close the deal.

Photinus and Schréder, two industry leaders are joining forces to create a dynamic alliance to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy around the world. Solar lighting is growing rapidly due to increasing market demand, not only in remote areas where there is no electricity supply, but also in towns or villages that are starting to analyse the cost of replacing old power cables with a more sustainable off-grid solar lighting solution. This new partnership aims to provide lighting solutions with a significantly reduced carbon footprint to create safe and comfortable environments after dark for all communities worldwide. 

Schréder strongly believes in solar lighting as a beneficial way to help cities and communities to reduce their carbon footprint. The acquisition of Photinus is a unique opportunity to strengthen our position as a sustainable outdoor lighting company, by offering our customers the best technologies using renewable energy. 

Werner de Wolf - Schréder CEO
Werner de Wolf
CEO - Schréder

Over the last decade, Photinus has gained a wealth of experience in the design and production of high-quality, self-sufficient solar lighting systems for customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, as well as the Middle East.  

Photinus has a very interesting approach to innovation, modularity and flexibility when it comes to developing its solar lighting product range. They are very close to their customers and aim to provide customised solutions to meet their specific needs. Their sales approach fits perfectly with Schréder’s sales culture. This sales approach, combined with their know-how and great customer references, makes Photinus the perfect centre of excellence in solar lighting for Schréder and its customers. 

Philippe Felten - Chief Commercial Officer - Schréder
Philippe Felten
Chief Commercial Officer - Schréder

Together, they will offer the market a comprehensive and competitive portfolio of products and services to meet a wide range of size and performance requirements, and support all customers and partners on a wide range of projects.

Joining Schréder is a unique opportunity to expand our international sales network and achieve our goal of becoming the strongest solar lighting company worldwide. We want to use our experience to turn visionary ideas into reality and bring solar lighting solutions to both Schréder and Photinus customers. 

Martin Kessler - CEO - Photinus
Martin Kessler
CEO - Photinus