Connected lighting solutions


At Schréder, we believe every smart system, no matter which company supplies it, or which customer uses it, should be:

  • Simple
  • Modular
  • Automation-driven
  • Resilient and
  • Trustable.

That is why we have built Schréder EXEDRA on this foundation; to provide towns and cities with a Central Management System (CMS) that optimises connected lighting and related infrastructure. 
Because we know how important it is for towns and cities to invest public funds in infrastructure that delivers operational benefits, meets sustainability and decarbonisation targets and improves services to offer citizens a better quality of life. 
So, when making the major investment in a CMS to connect their lighting infrastructure, which is expected to last for decades, cities should carefully consider whether the system is truly SMART. This is explored in more detail below.

Schréder EXEDRA is easy to use so cities can quickly deploy connected lighting systems


As easy as turning the lights on 

A truly smart CMS will make connecting street lights as easy as counting to three. And it will not only be easy to deploy, it will be simple to use for everyone from the system manager to the maintenance contractor. Once the street lights are connected, the CMS will simplify operations, streamline maintenance costs and optimise light levels to facilitate significant energy savings and carbon reductions. 
Just like with their smartphone, Schréder EXEDRA users will be able to achieve all this without worrying about what's in the box.

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Your path to openness and interoperability 

By definition, a smart city is a connected one so collaboration is key. Every asset and network is part of an ecosystem. Luminaires, sensors, fibre networks, security systems, cables and utilities: none of them exist in isolation. Cities need to ensure that digital and physical assets can converge into a unique system, regardless of when they were installed or who manufactured them. 
Open, interoperable systems such as Schréder EXEDRA open up a myriad of possibilities for connecting platforms, gaining data and building a circular economy. 

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The power of data insights and seamless automation

Guesswork is dead. Investing in the right CMS enables data-driven insights that guide decisions and shape strategies to optimise energy consumption, streamline operations, prevent failures, and lay the foundation for an urban landscape empowered by informed choices. 
A CMS like Schréder EXEDRA harnesses the full potential of data, machine learning and automation to enable cities to tackle the complex challenges of the modern world in a smarter, more reliable and more efficient way. 

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State-of-the-art features for today and tomorrow

“Keeping the lights on” is a basic requirement for today’s urban spaces. The most liveable cities require lighting controlled by a robust and reliable web platform. The success of these platforms relies on their ability to withstand challenges and evolve with changing circumstances, technologies and requirements. 
Cities need a CMS that is open, interoperable, scalable and futureproof. One that works seamlessly with other software and hardware to bring on board a wide variety of lights, networks and systems, including legacy assets.

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Schréder EXEDRA is ISO 27001 to minimise risks associated with cyberattacks


Cybersecurity to protect data and systems

Modern cities are driven by data drawn from every device across the city, from street lights to security cameras. Every public infrastructure asset that is connected to the internet is a potential target for a cyberattack. The answer is not to give up on the myriad benefits smart systems can bring but to mitigate risks by following industry best practices and investing in trustable systems. 
The first step for a forward-looking city is to choose an ISO 27001 certified system such as Schréder EXEDRA.

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