Paseo San Francisco Complex

Safe and welcoming landscape for modern campus

Located in Quito’s Cumbaya Valley, beside the local University, Paseo de San Francisco is a massive and innovative complex that provides entertainment, learning, cultural and leisure facilities for the residents of Quito.
Built on 56,000m² of a 100,000m² plot, it incorporates a shopping centre, hotel, cinema, museum, convention centre and 6000m² outside area dedicated to entertaining children.
Opened in 2013, this modern campus has become one of Quito’s architectural icons that elegantly integrates the city’s rich cultural tradition and art.

Schréder was entrusted with the task of providing a lighting scheme that would provide safe and welcoming landscapes for visitors.

The PIANO with its aesthetic design that perfectly complements the architecture, lights all the access roads while the elegant INOA LED lights all the footpaths and entrances.
The GL2 Compact perfectly lights the road tunnel leading to the complex while the footbridge is brought to life by the BaroLED and Bloco. The surrounding gardens are beautifully bathed in a gentle nocturnal light by the PONTO.

Arroyo Xonaca No. 1006 Col. El Alto
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