Once Upon A Space: Declutter Urban Life With a SHUFFLE

Cristian Tanase - Schréder Hyperion Program Manager
Cristian Tănase
Program Manager - Schréder Hyperion

This is the story of the Schréder SHUFFLE, a lighting system which works magic in streets, parks and campuses worldwide. Like all the best stories, it has a beginning, a middle and a happy end. There’s no fairy godmother, just a century of lighting expertise, but the results are pretty spellbinding!
With the installation of this magic wand, we can transform an ugly assemblage of clutter is transformed into a simple, functional and beautiful hub, like this:

SHUFFLE enables cities to achieve more with less clutter and a reduced carbon footprint


The Beginning: Good Design for Great Spaces

Looking back at their long experience of lighting public spaces, our team of engineers, designers and experts thought about what the best lighting does. The most basic function for any public lighting is to help people see what’s there, but above and beyond that it can help with wayfinding, create social spaces and improve security. 
The lighting system should interact harmoniously with the natural and built environments while doing all these things. The design team re-read some classic stories of a great design to think about what the SHUFFLE should look like. We drew particular inspiration from mid-century designers who embraced a “less is more” aesthetic: good design concentrates on the essential aspects, rather than loading down their products with elaborate bells and whistles.
Finally, we brought this thinking up to date: lighting posts can do much more than lighting now. By integrating features such as WiFi access, electric vehicle charging points and security cameras, SHUFFLE declutters public space. That means fewer obstacles for those moving through the area, the absence of untidy visuals and attractive locations that bring people and communities together. 

The Middle: Listen And Create With Communities

Planners, residents and businesses have diverse reasons for wanting to update lighting, and the SHUFFLE can be endlessly adapted to meet virtually all of them. Whichever one you choose, it will reduce your lighting’s carbon footprint: firstly, LED lighting reduces energy consumption. In addition, combining all of the different elements in one column means less material is needed in manufacturing, making it a sustainable solution.
The modular design means elements can be switched in and out, mended and replaced, meaning it is truly a part of the circular economy - something we’ve been working on for a long time.

SHUFFLE range of preconfigured columns to repurpose urban spaces

Based on what we’ve learnt from previous installations worldwide, the SHUFFLE is available in a range of preconfigured columns, such as the “Mobility” column which incorporates an advanced AC charging station and a light ring that switches from one colour to another to indicate if the charger is available.
The “Campus” option includes loudspeakers, motion sensors and light rings to show different zones, making it perfect for medical and sport complexes, parks, shopping malls or transport hubs.
Or the “Security” option includes cameras and a wealth of connectivity options. With a range of off-the-shelf solutions, it’s very likely your ideal lighting system is already here.

Some spaces, however, require a little bit of fairy dust for a bespoke solution - which is where our colleagues at Schréder STUDIO come in. For example, Pairi Daiza is a wildlife park in Belgium, and home to some of the world’s most recent baby pandas. The popular visitor attraction wanted columns painted in specific colours to blend in with the different landscapes, music and WiFi so visitors can find out more about the animals as they stroll round the park.
We also created and integrated specific supports and fixing clips on the column so that the individual signs can be easily changed.

At Canada’s renowned McGill University, Schréder STUDIO helped them take a road across campus from ordinary to extraordinary with 14 customised SHUFFLEs. We integrated customised arms to hang the University’s banners and secure electric power outlets so that stalls can be set up during events on the campus throughout the year.
The clean lines provide a modern design, characterising the University’s forward-thinking identity, and a soft white light for a warm nocturnal ambiance.

The End: Better Lighting, As If By Magic

Once a SHUFFLE system is designed and installed, it soon becomes an intrinsic part of the environment. Remotely controlled by an IoT system, there’s no trailing wires; just instant, customisable light and services. The modules can be upgraded, switched out and reorganised as your needs evolve, reducing the cost of future lighting changes. And with people rediscovering their neighbourhoods in the wake of the pandemic, a little facelift could cheer everyone up. 
Schréder believes good design shouldn’t intrude, and my colleague Oscar, who worked on the project at the very beginning, realised this in the most charming way possible - it took him several months to notice that a row of SHUFFLEs had been installed right outside his house! It’s not quite the Emperor’s New Clothes - the columns looked great and worked perfectly - but it certainly is magic. We’d love to help transform your cityscape, too.


About the writer

Cristian joined Schréder Hyperion in 2019 after 13 years at Apple where he worked in a number of roles including the Technology Integration Program, where he collaborated with hardware developers and manufacturers to help build platform differentiating, next generation products. Cristian is now helping move Schréder forward into the connected world of IoT and bridging the gap between technology and applications. Originally from Romania, he spent many years in Ireland and is now living with his wife and two children in Lisbon, Portugal, working from Schreder’s technology excellence centre.

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