Central Park

Lighting creates nocturnal urban oasis that goes hand-in-hand with substantial energy savings

The town of Swidnica has been investing in its infrastructure for many years to revitalise the town centre and improve the quality of life for residents.

In March 2017, the council launched a plan to renovate the 100-year-old Central Park and transform it into a vibrant community focused open space. The plan was to repurpose the historic infrastructure and bring new life to this 12-hectare park through a series of scenic promenades, play spaces and relaxation zones.  

As part of the renovation, it was essential that the park remain a safe and welcoming public space when the sun sets. The council wanted a sustainable lighting scheme that would not only create a sense of well-being but encourage a more diverse use of the spaces as well as highlight the different architectural features throughout the park.

We drew up a holistic design solution with a variety of luminaires to create a sense of openness, enhance the character of the park and deliver a playful night-time setting. The lighting levels have been set to respect regulations and balance the different activities that can take place - aiding navigation and avoiding a ‘blanket’ approach for a large landscaped space.

The Pilzeo luminaire lights all the main pathways, linking the green and open spaces. Installed on brown tapered columns, they discreetly integrate the natural setting.
It delivers a soft white light with a high CRI to reveal colours accurately, enabling people to move safely and in security around the park and take full advantage of the lush green landscape.
It also ensures a high level of visual comfort so people can sit, dwell and relax in complete ease.
In addition, they address the problems of light pollution and light spill that was a consequence of the old fixtures.

The SCULPdot illuminates the 3 footbridges in the park with a blue light. It accentuates the clean lines and textures of the bridge to give them a strong identity within the park.

The pergolas in the park are illuminated by Terra Midi and Trasso floodlights, creating cosy spaces to escape the city buzz and admire the views and gaze at skies at night.

Neos LED floodlights illuminate the canopies of the trees to highlight their natural beauty and instill a sense of calm. The old stone walls around the flower beds and park are lit by the Bloco LED for discreet guidance.

By upgrading to these energy-efficient LED luminaires, the town will maximise energy savings, extend maintenance cycles and lower its carbon emissions.

The town is delighted with the renovations which have transformed the park into an urban oasis, whilst creating a highly sustainable environment after dark.

The new lighting scheme won the 2018 Best lighting investment award in a competition organised by the Polish Lighting Industry Association. The association particularly noted how the lighting has created a superb public space where residents can spend time or pursue their hobbies once their working day ends, improving the quality, safety and vibrancy of Swidnica.

Central Park


Town of Swidnica