Invest in a lighting platform that is easy to deploy and easy for all stakeholders to use

A CMS must be easy to implement and easy to use, otherwise investors and staff will be confused and frustrated, the system will be under-utilised and the many benefits it can bring will not be realised.

This white paper offers advice for urban authorities looking to invest in a CMS, and specifically what features make a system simple to deploy and simple to use, including:

  • set-up process;
  • commissioning;
  • automations;
  • monitoring;
  • hosting;
  • interface. 
Schréder EXEDRA Simple white paper
Wloclawek: simple, safe, streamlined

Wloclawek is one of Poland’s oldest cities and wants a future as impressive as its past. In 2019, they invested in a smart lighting system to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and significantly reduce energy consumption.

The installation was smooth and residents immediately noticed a much better quality of light. Automated inventory and monitoring make asset management effortless while maintenance has been streamlined as the system automatically detects faults and triggers alarms for rapid intervention, saving time and money.

Wloclawek’s journey is a shining example of how the Schréder EXEDRA remote control system, can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable future for a city – with simplicity at its heart.

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Smart lighting enabled Wloclawek to improve safety on roads using less energy
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