Choosing a cybersecure and resilient solution

Modern cities are driven by data. Public infrastructure assets that are connected to the internet can be targets for cybercrime. It is vital to choose a cybersecure and resilient solution to mitigate risks when connecting networks.  

Download our white paper to learn more about the considerations when choosing a Central Management System, including:

  • certifications;
  • compatibility with existing assets;
  • cloud provider;
  • security of the system’s edges;
  • training.
Schréder EXEDRA: Trustable systems for smarter lighting
Mitigate risk by following industry best practices and investing in Trustable systems

"Audit your cybersecurity on a regular basis and choose technology partners that place importance on the security of their applications.  
When your data is safe, then you can truly grow as a smart city."

Eric Talley 
Business Development Manager - Smart Cities

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