Tabcorp Park Melton

Creating a performance-driven lighting design

Tabcorp Park Melton: Creating a performance-driven lighting design

Utilising the existing lighting infrastructure, the team at Sylvania Schrѐder created an optimal and performance-driven televised lighting solution for Harness Racing Victoria, at the Tabcorp Park Harness Racing Facility located in Melton, Victoria. 

Led by Business Development Manager (Victoria), Roydon Dewes, the objectives of the project were very clear. Firstly, to deliver a televised lighting design that replaced and elevated the current track HID lighting solution. Secondly, comply with all specified televised and obtrusive light performance criteria. Thirdly, provide an enhanced and flexible energy saving solution versus the existing HID infrastructure. 

A challenging project from the beginning, the team had to work within the lighting constraints of the current infrastructure while exceeding the high demands expected for televised lighting applications. 

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Harness Racing Victoria


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Tabcorp-Finish Line-Sideview

Balancing the needs of the community with the performance of athletes and horses.

The project used a total of 276 LED floodlights, employing asymmetric and symmetric optics, distributed over 25 existing light poles varying from 18 metres to 25 metres, and a roof gantry structure located at the finish line.

With new headframes designed and installed for each light pole, the lighting design team was tasked to use existing pole location and heights. Additionally, the design had to comply with, and exceed, the current 1500 lux vertical to camera track illumination requirement, reduce the existing HID luminaire quantity, and provide a solution compliant with obtrusive light parameters under televised conditions. 

The solution delivered on all performance-based criteria for horizontal and vertical illumination. It provided high levels of uniformity to the track and photo finish with significant reductions in obtrusive light to the surrounding area.

The lighting design had to effectively illuminate the track for the high demands of televised lighting, whilst also complying with the strict requirements for glare at strategic points around the track and provide a pleasant viewing experience for spectators and cameras. 


To maintain efficiency and performance with reduced glare, the infield poles utilised Raptor Gen 3, a true flat glass LED floodlight, fitted with forward throw asymmetric optics. The Raptor Gen 3 enables greater control, limits glare to track users and reduces light spill and intensity outside the track.  


The track lighting is controlled by an existing C-Bus system. Sylvania Schréder and Ultra-tech Electronics expanded and customised the Sylvania HYBRID driver to provide the client with a three level step dim system - perfect for creating ideal conditions for televised, non-televised and training events. At 100% output, the control system delivers track conditions for televised events with 50%, 33%, and 25% levels selectable for times between races, non-televised and training events. The Hybrid driver was manufactured with the same mounting footprint as the HID replacement, using the same 2 Core +E cable terminal positions making retrofitting a simple task for the electrical contractor. 

Tabcorp-Night View

Delivering optimal lighting results, while reducing energy consumption.

At Sylvania Schréder, we aim to deliver first class lighting results whilst also providing a sustainable and energy efficient solution.

By creating an efficient LED lighting solution, with increased lighting levels and reduced luminaire quantities, our team managed to reduce energy expenditure by up to 40%. The LED luminaires combined with the HYBRID driver provide exceptional lighting control and a variety of lighting options that help reduce overall energy expenditure.  


A lighting success story.

Together with the installing electrical contractor, Sylvania Schréder provided an on-site team to assist the contractor with floodlight aiming and commissioning.

The lighting upgrade of Tabcorp Park Melton was a challenging lighting design project that yielded outstanding outcomes. The retrofitting of existing infrastructure posed design constraints that had to be overcome through ingenuity and creativity.

By utilising lighting systems that balanced athletes’ safety with the needs of the surrounding community and wildlife, our team managed to deliver an elite lighting design. We would like to thank all those involved. The lighting design at Tabcorp Park Melton was a great success.