Roybon town centre

Energy-efficient lighting enables Roybon to preserve its heritage and character

The town of Roybon in the Isère department, covers part of the Chambaran natural park and has a largely forested landscape. It is recognised for its fauna and flora which is strongly appreciated by tourists. Yet, Roybon also has a particular history!

A town with a statue and a strong history

Place Saint Romme is at the centre of town life. It is home to all commercial, historical and heritage activities in the town. It was recently redeveloped to preserve its character as the key attraction in the town. The local authorities wanted to turn it into a pedestrianised space to create a meeting place to bring people together.
At the heart of the square is the little sister of the Statue of Liberty. This statue was a gift from the American monument’s original creator French sculptor Fredéric Auguste Bartholdi to his friend Mathias Saint-Romme in 1906.

The town’s inhabitants consider the statue as a tribute to the 1905 law on the separation of Church and State. It symbolises the country’s values of tolerance and respect. The statue was taken down at the end of 2021 for restoration and returned a few months later.

Architectural lighting to reveal beauty of landmark

As part of the redevelopment, the town decided to replace the lighting to enhance the nocturnal ambiance of the square and save energy. 

VALINTA, our latest innovation for both urban and architectural lighting, was chosen to highlight the statue at night. This aesthetic luminaire is available in 3 different sizes and with white or RGB LEDs to suit all city lighting applications.

The VALINTA SCOPE were mounted on walls opposite the majestic landmark with a tilted bracket. They shine a perfect, precise light on the statue, revealing all of its details to make sure that it is visible in all its glory.

Urban lighting to respect the town’s character

The STYLAGE was selected to light the square and its adjacent streets. Suspended from the ROMANCE wall bracket, this elegant ensemble reflects the town’s history to and creates a gentle night-time vibe.
The ensembles are installed on the building façades to ensure as much free space on the ground so people can easily move around.

The facade of the town hall is illuminated by POSS floodlights fitted with RGB LEDs. The colours can be changed to mark special occasions or events, drawing attention to the building.

The project managers are happy with the lighting which has given the town a new ambiance by night with considerable energy savings. Place Saint-Romme is once again a convivial space for people to gather. And tourists are curious to discover the French Statue of Liberty!

Place Saint-Romme


Roybon council


Contracting authority: Territoire d’Energie 38
Installation: RAMPA Energies