Cinquantenaire Park

New lighting highlights the architectural jewels of this emblematic urban park and creates a welcoming nocturnal ambiance, more respectful of the environment

Cinquantenaire Park is a national landmark in the city of Brussels, with its esplanade, gardens, museums and Cinquantenaire Arch. Located in the heart of Brussels and the European institutions, it is a much-appreciated green oasis for residents and tourists and various events take place there each year.  

The lighting in the park which dated from the 1970s had deteriorated, was difficult to service and consuming a lot of energy. Beliris, the contractor authority, wanted to upgrade it with a functional and aesthetical solution that would highlight the heritage and create a new nocturnal ambiance for this public space. In collaboration with the lighting design offices of Studio Urbanism JP Majot and ACTLD as well as the contractor VSE, they opted for Schréder lighting solutions to achieve their vision. 

With a strong experience in enhancing architectural heritage around the world, Schréder supplied LED floodlights from the SCULP range to illuminate the various monuments and sculptures throughout the park including the iconic Cinquantenaire Arch in a respectful and sustainable manner.

Subtle and sustainable architectural lighting

The compact and elegant SCULPFLOOD floodlights discreetly integrate the façades of the different structures with zero impact on its daytime appearance. The lighting designers decided to use a palette of colour temperatures to create a contrasting light effect. 

The SCULPFLOOD, fitted with warm white LEDs, illuminates the arches and doorways to accentuate the texture and depth, while SCULPFLOODs, fitted with a tonally complementary, cooler white LED, highlight the architectural details of the statues and the blue stone of the columns. The juxtaposition reveals the intrinsic beauty and communicates the value of its heritage.  

Urban lighting to revive a popular public space

At the same time, Beliris also decided to relight the esplanade and gardens running from Halle Bordiau to the Rotonde. Thy chose the elegant light column, the SHUFFLE, as it harmoniously blends into the environment. It diffuses a soft white light, creating a safe and welcoming nocturnal ambiance that invites residents and tourists to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the facilities after nightfall.

Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée




Lighting design: Studio d'Urbanisme JP Majot & ACTLD
Contractor: VSE

All of the luminaires are managed by a lighting control system so that they can be switched on and off according to the seasons and events taking place in the park. Two scenarios have been programmed, one for the evening when the entire park is lit up and one for after midnight and early morning to ensure a safe passage and a good sense of security for people out waking or cycling. 

This new lighting system with LED technology also:

  • minimises light pollution;
  • eliminates glare for passers-by;
  • creates an engaging environment;
  • reduces energy consumption by 50%.

As Beliris explains, "the new lighting highlights the architecture while combining aesthetics, efficiency and energy savings".

Not one but two Build Back Better Awards

Such was the success of the project, it was awarded 2 Build Back Better Awards in autumn 2021. These awards recognise and celebrate innovation in industry products, projects, initiatives and business models. The project was attributed Gold for reviving the iconic Cinquantenaire by night and creating a genuine public space for people. The jury particularly appreciated the use of different colour temperatures. 
The Green award recognises the project’s exceptional commitment to sustainability with a significant reduction in light pollution and energy consumption.