Herzogenrath and Würselen relighting plan

Pilzeo and Ampera transform the nocturnal ambiance of these 2 towns by increasing safety while reducing the environmental footprint

Herzogenrath and Würselen are 2 towns in Germany near Aachen.
Like most towns and cities, they are very conscious of reducing their environmental footprint and cutting energy costs.
In 2015, the two towns decided to replace 4,000 luminaires that had been installed in the 1960s and were no longer providing the required lighting levels.

While they wanted modern, energy efficient luminaires, they were also keen to upgrade the lighting in the residential areas and town centres with a Pilzleuchte (litterally `a mushroom luminaire’) which is a very popular type of lantern in Germany.

The Pilzeo was ideal.
It provides a refreshed contemporary design of this classic form for aesthetic continuity while significantly reducing energy consumption.
In addition, the Pilzeo directs light exactly where it is needed, preventing intrusive light on buildings, unlike the old luminaires.

A total of 1,800 Pilzeo have been installed throughout the towns while 2,200 Ampera luminaires were installed on the main roads.
The new luminaires have cut the consumption from 3.2 million kilowatts per year to 820,000 kilowatts, generating energy savings of approximately 120,000 Euros per year.

The 2 towns are delighted with the new lighting that has transformed the nocturnal landscape by improving visibility and increasing safety while reducing their environmental footprint.