LUCEA bracket

Designed to create stunning ensembles with YOA luminaires


Specifically designed for the YOA range, the LUCEA bracket perfectly integrates the luminaire between its two curved arms.

With YOA luminaires, the LUCEA bracket offers modern and elegant ensembles to enhance the landscape both by day and by night.

This large family of brackets can adapt to your local configurations as it is available in multiple variants: single, double and wall-mounted versions.

It is made of die-cast aluminium and is available in all standard Schréder colours.

  • Easy installation
  • The LUCEA bracket includes a pull wire to facilitate the passage of the power cable and ease installation.

  • CE marking
  • Certified for the loads defined in EN40, the LUCEA range can be installed on poles for CE marking.

  • Versatile
  • The LUCEA bracket range includes single, double and wall-mounted variants to cater for various urban lighting needs.

  • Seaside coating
  • To withstand salt spray corrosion, the LUCEA bracket is available with an optional seaside coating.