ATS system - old version

Maximum security with energy savings


The Advanced Tunnel Solution (ATS) is a control system that manages luminaire controllers (Lumgates) to deploy pre-defined lighting scenarios or to take charge of the lighting installation at any moment.

The ATS controller can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be linked to the main tunnel control system to interact with features not directly related to lighting (traffic management, ventilation, fire detection etc.).

  • Precise and continuous dimming
  • ATS allows 25 different dimming levels to precisely adapt the lighting to the real needs in the tunnel. With no over-lighting, energy consumption is limited to exactly what is absolutely necessary to ensure safe and comfortable driving conditions.

  • Interaction with third-party systems
  • Every command or signal sent to or coming from a tunnel component (emergency exit, smoke extraction system, traffic management system…) can be used to trigger a consequent lighting scenario. All of the tunnel equipment can be controlled through the same bus command.

  • Adapt lighting to speed
  • The ATS can be linked to a traffic monitoring system to obtain data regarding speed or density to adapt the lighting level in accordance with safety standards. This option further reduces energy consumption and increases the lifetime of the installation while ensuring the best driving conditions for motorists

  • Adapt lighting to cleaning cycles
  • Based on cleaning cycles, the Advanced Tunnel Solution can take into account the depreciation of the flux due to dirt accumulation to continuously provide the requested lighting level in the tunnel. No more, no less. This feature offers additional energy savings while ensuring safety and comfort for the users.


Installation and Maintenance

Easy commissioning and remote software updates

The tunnel lighting study can be directly imported into the ATS control system. This unique feature, in combination with the auto-addressing of the Lumgates, leads to an extremely short commissioning time when the fixtures have been installed.

Each luminaire or cluster of luminaires is assigned the precise dimming profile linked to its position and characteristics. System updates are managed centrally, therefore no action is needed locally. Remote system updates mean that the latest version of the software can be easily deployed.