INDU BAY - Gen 3 - Old version

Energy efficient industry lighting that boosts productivity


INDU BAY is the leading luminaire for industrial lighting with a minimised total cost of ownership. Efficient, light, versatile and smart, it outperforms all other LED high-bay fixtures thanks to the substantial energy savings it generates and the performance it delivers over time.
With various light distributions and mounting options, it adapts the lighting to meet the specific needs of your environment. Thanks to its robust and silicon-free design, INDU BAY meets the requirements of specific industries (metal, automotive, food and beverage...).
INDU BAY creates a comfortable working environment with perfect visibility to enable staff to do their work more easily and safely, which also boosts morale and increases productivity.
With INDU BAY, you can transform your lighting from a necessary expense into a strategic asset!

  • One-to-one replacement for HID floodlights from 40W to 400W
  • Thanks to two sizes and multiple lumen packages, the INDU BAY range is a beneficial LED alternative to conventional HID high-bay fixtures from 40 to 400W.

  • Designed for low maintenance and extra-long lifespan
  • The INDU BAY industrial lighting solution has been designed to operate in a wide range of conditions and to reduce dust and water accumulation, minimising the need for maintenance. Built to last, INDU BAY is highly resistant to shocks and water ingress. It provides high performance over an extra-long lifespan in industrial lighting applications.

  • The most efficient on the market
  • INDU BAY sets a new standard in terms of efficiency (lm/W) for industry lighting. Thanks to a low investment and the huge energy savings it generates, INDU BAY creates opportunities to gain an advantage over your competitors as it ensures a fast return on investment for your warehouses, plants and other industrial facilities.

  • The right light with high visual comfort
  • With three photometrical distributions, various lumen outputs and control options including motion detection, the INDU BAY LED high-bay luminaire provides light precisely where and when it is needed. It creates excellent and productive working conditions thanks to high visual comfort and visual accuracy.

Quality lighting to boost your business

A good industrial lighting solution minimises energy consumption while ensuring safety and visual comfort for employees.
Bright, glare-free LED lighting makes employees more alert and improves concentration levels, which leads to happier employees and fewer errors.
With high energy efficiency (<1W/m2/100lx), low glare (UGR <22) and the ability to ensure excellent visibility thanks to a high colour rendering (CRI 80+), INDU BAY optimises the working environment while providing high operational benefits for the business.

Easy integration in building management systems (BMS)

When lighting uses the same communication protocol as other services, it can be incorporated into building management systems (BMS) with other utilities such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
This integration allows flexible scheduling and offers opportunities to monitor energy costs and savings throughout the entire facility.
As companies embrace Industry 4.0, lighting can even interact to activate or improve efficiency in other utilities.

Maintain your operations even during a power outage

As an option, INDU BAY can be equipped with an auxiliary battery. In case of a power outage, it offers emergency lighting (500lm) for 3 hours.
This feature reduces the inconvenience of a power grid failure and helps you to maintain a certain level of activity in your facilities.

Ensure lighting performance in any conditions

Two specific versions of the INDU BAY exist to resist high temperatures and guarantee good lighting and performance in harsh environments. One version is equipped with a remote driver which allows the INDU BAY to withstand indoor and outdoor environments with high temperatures while delivering a high lumen output. Quick-on connectors ensure an easy and fast installation.
Both versions are ideal for lighting environments in the Metal or Food and Beverage industry.


Recommanded installation height (m)
4.0 - 
Electrical class
Nominal voltage
Surge protection (kV)
Control protocol(s)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
600 - 
Power consumption (W)
6.0 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
LED colour temperature
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR)
Polycarbonate (with integrated lenses)
Tightness level
Impact resistance
IK may be different according to the size/configurations. Please consult us.
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-30°C up to +50°C / -22°F up to 122°F
INDU BAY GEN3 1 and 2 HT withstand Ta up to 70 °C.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
INDU BAY GEN3 1 - 330x124x330 | 13.0x4.9x13.0
INDU BAY GEN3 1 HT - 330x338x330 | 13.0x13.3x13.0
INDU BAY GEN3 1 EM - 330x124x330 | 13.0x4.9x13.0
INDU BAY GEN3 2 - 400x136x400 | 15.7x5.4x15.7
INDU BAY GEN3 2 HT - 400x135x400 | 15.7x5.3x15.7
INDU BAY GEN3 2 EM - 400x136x400 | 15.7x5.4x15.7
Weight (kg | lbs)
INDU BAY GEN3 1 - 4.5 | 9.9
INDU BAY GEN3 1 HT - 5.6 | 12.3
INDU BAY GEN3 1 EM - 4.5 | 9.9
INDU BAY GEN3 2 - 6.8 | 15.0
INDU BAY GEN3 2 HT - 8.5 | 18.6
INDU BAY GEN3 2 EM - 6.8 | 15.0
Mounting possibilities
Hook(s) for suspension
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination

Control systems

Control options for INDU BAY

The following dimming options are possible for the INDU BAY industrial lighting solution:
• 1 - 10V
• Motion sensor

With the standardised DALI protocol, INDU BAY can be easily integrated into a building management system (BMS). The addition of a motion sensor unit enables the creation of light-on-demand scenarios.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Standard mounting

INDU BAY is supplied with a hook for a suspension chain (not included)

Bracket with inclination system

As an option, INDU BAY can be provided with a graduated U-bracket for a precise on-site setting and a versatile mounting.