Kennedy Tunnel

Smart tunnel lighting system improves safety, optimises maintenance and reduces energy costs by 70%

At the heart of Antwerp's road network, the Kennedy Tunnel under the Scheldt River is a vital link used by thousands of vehicles every day. The Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (AWV) decided to renovate the tunnel lighting and wall panels. To replace the sodium vapour lamps, the AWV decided to install LED lighting with a control system to: 

  • improve safety and comfort for drivers;
  • optimise maintenance to miminise disruption to road traffic;
  • reduce energy costs.

Improve safety and comfort by ensuring excellent visibility

Following a public tender, the Kennedy Tunnel has been equipped with our new range of TFLEX tunnel luminaires. To provide a safe and comfortable tunnel environment for all motorists, AWV wanted a continuous lighting solution that would optimise uniformity on the walls and road. The photometric technology of the TFLEX LINE ensures high visual guidance for perfect visibility in the tunnel. The uniform distribution of light on the road and walls enables drivers to easily and quickly identify any potential obstacles, improving safety in the tunnel.

When we think of tunnel safety, we think of high quality lighting to avoid any glare or the "black hole" effect. To comply with the CIE safety standards, the TFLEX MODULE with a smart management system provides reinforcement lighting for the tunnel entrances. By adjusting the lighting level according to the brightness outside, drivers are spared any visual discomfort.



Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV)


Installation: Antwerpse bouwwerken, Eiffage VS&E & Equans


driver boxes
ATS 4 cabinets

Reaping the benefits of a smart tunnel lighting system

The tunnel is continually monitored by the AWV team to ensure that it is safe for drivers. To facilitate this work, we supplied the ATS 4 smart lighting system. Two ATS 4 cabinets were installed in each tube, one for the main lighting and one for the reinforcement lighting. The TCS (Tunnel Control System) provides communication between the 4 ATS 4 cabinets and the AWV's IRIS management platform. This system allows the control centre to monitor the lighting at all times and to adjust the lighting levels manually if necessary.

As well as efficiently managing the tunnel lighting, the ATS 4 system also streamlines maintenance operations. The system provides access to the status and diagnostics of all the luminaires at all times. This allows any faults to be quickly identified and maintenance to be better planned.

Long service life and optimised maintenance

The robust TFLEX luminaires are made of aluminium and glass to optimise heat dissipation and maximise the lifetime of the luminaires.

AWV decided to install the control boxes in the service shaft, separate from the tubes, to prolong the service life. This means that the control boxes and drivers can be accessed for maintenance without having to close the tunnel.

Reducing installation time, our expertise

In order to minimise the impact on mobility on the busy Antwerp ring road, the installation work was carried out at night during the week, so that the two tubes could be reopened from 5 a.m. onwards. When replacing tunnel lighting, it is essential that the removal of the old luminaires and the installation of the new ones does not cause any shadows to ensure safety in the tunnel. The plug and play installation of the TFLEX luminaires, with pre-assembled cables and control boxes, meant that the installation could be carried out quickly, efficiently and on time.

The Kennedy Tunnel smart lighting upgrade, using our energy-efficient TFLEX luminaires and ATS 4 control system, reduces energy consumption by an estimated 70%, ensures driver comfort and safety, and optimises maintenance.

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