Dunkirk urban regeneration

Urban lighting creates safer and more enjoyable landscapes to regenerate city centre and seafront

Dunkirk on the French coast is a well-known seaside destination with white sandy beaches and a large port. In 2018, the city launched free public transport for all passengers, even visitors. The objective was to 

  • create a more equitable and inclusive community;  
  • develop more pedestrianised zones in the city centre;
  • reduce carbon emissions and thus air pollution.  

The project was a huge success as the number of passengers travelling by bus increased by 60% during the week. As a result, the local authorities redesigned the public realm to:

  • build a new bus station;
  • introduce special bus lanes to improve traffic flow;
  • extend bus routes.

Improved accessibility for the community 

With the focus on improving accessibility in the city centre, through pedestrian mobility and public transport, it was vital that all users could easily navigate the newly redesigned streets. The local authorities wanted a new lighting solution that would ensure that the city centre is safe and attractive both by day and by night. 

INGEROP, the contractor, chose the highly modern and refined YOA on a mixture of LUCEA and LYRE brackets.

In total, 350 luminaires were installed throughout the city centre. They deliver a bright white light for perfect visibility so people can easily make their way around the new public spaces and feel comfortable while waiting at the bus stops.

The YOA luminaires at the newly built bus station were installed on LUCEA brackets with white and blue LEDs to create a distinct environment that attracts attention from a distance. 

Thanks to the high-performance and long life of the LEDs, the YOA will provide a sustainable lighting solution for many years to come.

Urban lighting for a welcoming seafront

In parallel, the local authorities were regenerating the seafront, a popular spot for locals and tourists. The promenade was enlarged by 3 metres to provide a more spacious space for people out for a stroll, run or cycle.

To light this large open space, the local authorities opted for the highly robust NEOS floodlight installed on SEXTANT poles. These 10m high poles incorporate up to 3 floodlights to ensure a high uniformity across the promenade in an aesthetic design. Indeed, the arched bracket creates a harmonious shape for this open space.

The NEOS floodlights are fitted with warm white LEDs (3,000K) for a welcoming ambiance all year long.

Much more than a lighting pole 

Each SEXTANT pole has been equipped with cameras and WiFi hotspots to create an engaging space where people want to spend more time. The poles have also been fitted with brackets to hang flags and banners during specific events and festivities.

A luminous beacon integrating a blue LED has been installed on the top of each pole to create a distinct nocturnal identity. Blue was chosen in a nod to the colours of the city’s flag, blue and white. 

A total of 168 NEOS floodlights were installed along the promenade. 

A healthier environment

With a much higher percentage of the population regularly travelling on the free buses, traffic and air pollution have reduced considerably in the city, a welcome side-effect. The low-energy lighting has further enhanced the city centre and seafront, making them safer and more enjoyable environments for people to move around in. Residents of all ages are able to take advantage of the city amenities and the stunning sea views all year long, from the balmy summer evenings to the brisk winter nights. 



Dunkirk City Council


Engineering contractor: INGEROP | Dunkirk City Council
Poles: PetitJean