Portimão Arena

LED lighting meets requirements for HD TV with 72% energy savings for this multi-purpose arena

Built in 2007 by the City Council, Portimão Arena is a modern, multi-purpose facility for hosting events like high-level sports competitions, concerts, fairs, exhibitions and banquets in the Algarve. With a surface area of over 4,000m² (approximately 100x40m), it offers a variety of services and the space can be easily adapted to cater for the different events and the number of people attending.

New LED lighting with 72% energy savings

The lighting in the hall needed regular maintenance which was proving to be expensive and time-consuming to manage. It also did not meet the requirements to broadcast events, particularly sports competitions, on television. In 2021, Portimão City Council decided to replace the lighting with a new system that would meet all its needs. The hall was lit by 241 fixtures fitted with traditional discharge lamps: 

  • 178 with 400W lamps
  • 46 with 1,000W lamps
  • 17 with 250W lamps. 

The total power of the installation was 145,740W taking into account an average loss of 20%. 

After discussions with the city council and after studying the installation, we proposed a new LED lighting solution with 211 LED luminaires: 

  • 40 OMNISTAR - 456W
  • 25 INDY BAY - 115W
  • 146 INDU BAY - 210W. 

The total power of the installation with these highly efficient luminaires is 51,775W which represents an impressive reduction of 72%, which as you can imagine, will generate significant energy and costs savings.

Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portimão


Portimão City Council
old power
new power

Lighting adapted to all occasions

The INDU BAY luminaires provide the general lighting for the entire venue and are managed by a control system so that the lighting can be adapted to the type of event taking place and the surface area being used. 

The OMNISTAR ensures the high-quality lighting levels required by the National and International Sports Federations to broadcast high-level sports competitions on television.

Both luminaires deliver a high colour rendition with low glare to ensure excellent visibility for all throughout this versatile facility.

More operational benefits with less maintenance

With a lifespan that is four to five times longer than that of traditional discharge lamps, these LED floodlights also benefit from a robust design which means that they will require virtually zero maintenance which was important for the council given the installation height in this 17m high space. The longer service life and fewer interventions will deliver considerable operational benefits for Portimão City Council.