Elegant, smart design with cutting-edge technologies


With the right light, any urban space can reveal its potential to connect people and create a sense of well-being and safety. With this strong belief in mind, we created the VALINTA platform and three ranges with distinctive aesthetics (VALINTA CURVE, VALINTA GROOVE and VALINTA SCOPE). Designed as both luminaires for urban lighting and floodlights for architectural enhancement, the VALINTAs provide aesthetic and technical consistency for all types of application in the city.
Through various designs, sizes, lumen packages, light distributions and LED types (white or coloured), the VALINTA platform unleashes exceptional potential for lighting designers, landscape architects and urban planners. From basic lighting to peak illumination, VALINTA is their ally in revealing and magnifying every detail of the city.

  • Beautify your city
  • VALINTA SCOPE has been designed to magnify every detail of your city and reveal its uniqueness. The classic and elegant aesthetics by designer Michel Tortel blend perfectly into your urban landscape, adding a touch of allure. Thanks to its versatility and advanced lighting technologies, VALINTA SCOPE is the ideal tool to help lighting designers and architects enhance streets and monuments.

  • Consistent accuracy
  • VALINTA SCOPE offers a complete lighting solution. The urban version provides perfect visibility and high efficiency for any urban application, while the floodlight version relies on a unique LED PCBA layout, inspired by stained glass windows. With various sizes, light distributions and LED types (white or colours), VALINTA SCOPE offers accurate and consistent solutions for all types of urban lighting project.

  • Circular economy and sustainability
  • VALINTA SCOPE follows the principle of the circular economy, aiming for responsible use of resources. With its highly recyclable materials (aluminium and glass), robust and future-proof design, VALINTA SCOPE is a reliable, long-lasting and repairable outdoor lighting solution. In addition to high energy efficiency, the dynamic, dimming and light-on-demand features ensure that only the energy absolutely needed is consumed.

  • As easy as ABC
  • VALINTA SCOPE comes with a unique system for straightforward mounting. The base is easily fixed onto a surface or a pole. Then the male part is inserted and secured by rotating the luminaire.

Elegant and smart design

The clean and elegant design of VALINTA SCOPE is based on its classic yet elaborate appearance, bringing a touch of allure and distinction to your urban environment, whether contemporary or heritage. VALINTA SCOPE perfectly suits any urban lighting requirement by providing both aesthetic and comfortable lighting solutions for citizens. Its design enables it to blend subtly into any landscape while bringing visual comfort.
A classic elaborate design for sublimated urban spaces where people can experience meaningful moments.

Nothing left to chance

With VALINTA SCOPE, lighting designers can express their creativity and make their vision a reality in the field. Working upfront with simulation tools, they can then finetune the lighting effect during installation on site with 360° settings. VALINTA SCOPE not only enables precise settings on both the vertical and horizontal axes. The complete optical bloc can rotate in both directions to adjust the lighting beam precisely and set the final touch.
In addition to this outstanding range of adjustments possibilities, VALINTA SCOPE is available with external accessories: a canon tip for increasing the focusing effect and a rotatable hood as a shield against intrusive lighting.
VALINTA SCOPE ensures that you get the right light for all your projects.


Электрический класс
Номинальное напряжение
Защита от перенапряжения (кВ)
Протокол(ы) управления
Возможности управления
Варианты разъемов
Система(ы) управления
Выходной светопоток светильника (лм)
1700 - 
Power consumption (W)
6.4 - 
Светоотдача до (лм/Вт)
Индекс цветопередачи (CRI)
Корпусные детали
Tempered glass
Степень защиты

Размеры и монтаж

AxBxC (mm | inch)
VALINTA SCOPE MINI : 219x308x231 | 8.6x12.1x9.1
VALINTA SCOPE MIDI : 297x382x227 | 11.7x15.0x8.9
VALINTA SCOPE MAXI : 354x445x216 | 13.9x17.5x8.5
Вес (кг | lbs)
VALINTA SCOPE MINI : 5.0-5.5 | 11.0-12.1
VALINTA SCOPE MIDI : 7.2-7.6 | 15.8-16.7
VALINTA SCOPE MAXI : 10.0-10.5 | 22.0-23.1
Возможности монтажа
Surface mounting
Direct mounting on poles

Системы управления

VALINTA SCOPE control options

VALINTA SCOPE is available with the following control and dimming options:
• Bi-power
• AmpDim
• Custom Dimming
• Remote management

As an option, VALINTA SCOPE can be equipped with a Zhaga socket.

Установка и обслуживание

Easy installation

VALINTA SCOPE offers the ultimate lighting experience in the easiest way. It comes with a unique mounting system for fast and easy installation, on poles and surfaces, requiring only one person by eliminating any weight constraint.
Fix the spotlight base onto the pole or the surface, then insert the male part and secure it by simple rotation. Then, with complete freedom of movement, you can lock the position with two M8 screws.

On-site adjustment

VALINTA SCOPE is completely orientable on site. Its tiltable bracket offers a wide range of settings in both axes to direct light precisely where it is needed. As an option, the optical block can be orientated on site over a range of +/- 90°.

Аксессуары и версии

Canon and hood

As an option, VALINTA SCOPE is available with a canon or a hood. The canon directs the light beam where it is needed to precisely highlight an architectural element or an object, while the hood creates more visual comfort and prevents intrusive lighting, especially in crowded places.