Cost-effective recessed downlight for offices, reception areas and corridors


INDU DOWNLIGHT offers a beneficial LED alternative to fluorescent spotlights for typical professional indoor venues such as reception areas, offices, conference rooms, corridors and lifts. With its lightweight, aesthetic and clean design, it blends into all interior areas.
Available in various sizes/lumen outputs, INDU DOWNLIGHT is a flexible solution with all the advantages of the latest LED technology: low power consumption, long lifetime, no specific maintenance requirements, control options for dimming and light-on-demand features.

  • 3 sizes for flexibility
  • INDU DOWNLIGHT is available in 3 sizes, each offering a typical lumen output.

  • Optimised work environment
  • INDU DOWNLIGHT provides high visual comfort. It delivers a neutral white light with a high colour rendering index (CRI 80). INDU DOWNLIGHT contributes to a brightly-lit environment for a happier, healthier workforce, which is in turn more productive and likely to stick around.

  • Fire-resistant
  • INDU DOWNLIGHT offers a high flammability resistance (650° C) to keep providing light during a fire and to prevent smoke emissions.

  • Sustainable performance
  • The design offers optimal heat dissipation for long-lasting performance.


Электрический класс
Номинальное напряжение
Протокол(ы) управления
Выходной светопоток светильника (лм)
900 - 
Power consumption (W)
9.0 - 
Светоотдача до (лм/Вт)
Цветовая температура LED
Индекс цветопередачи (CRI)
Корпусные детали
Степень защиты
Все конфигурации
Диапазон рабочих температур (Ta)
-20°C up to +40°C / -4°F up to 104°F

Размеры и монтаж

AxBxC (mm | inch)
INDU DOWNLIGHT 1 - 145x78.5x145 | 5.7x3.1x5.7
INDU DOWNLIGHT 2 - 175x84.5x175 | 6.9x3.3x6.9
INDU DOWNLIGHT 3 - 245x98.5x245 | 9.6x3.9x9.6
Вес (кг | lbs)
INDU DOWNLIGHT 1 - 0.1 | 0.3
INDU DOWNLIGHT 2 - 0.3 | 0.6
INDU DOWNLIGHT 3 - 0.5 | 1.1
Возможности монтажа

Системы управления

Control options for INDU DOWNLIGHT

As an option, INDU DOWNLIGHT can be controlled via the DALI protocol and integrate a Building Management System (BMS). It can also be associated with detection devices to create responsive light-on-demand scenarios.

Установка и обслуживание

Recessed mounting

INDU DOWNLIGHT is designed for recessed mounting with spring-retaining clips. It offers easy installation with a quick electrical connection.