Stratford Transit Terminal

Lighting to enhance the passenger experience at this high-end transport hub

The City of Stratford, located on the Avon River in southwestern Ontario, is home to a rapidly growing population of 31,465. Each year, the Stratford Festival stages modern and Shakespearean plays in multiple theatres, with over 500,000 visitors from all over taking part in the festivities.

The local authorities are keen to put the right infrastructure in place to cope with not only the demands of the current population, but also those of future generations. They want the city to be more resource-efficient, navigable and environmentally friendly.

With joint funding under the federal Public Transit Infrastructure Stream of the Government of Canada, the City of Stratford decided to renovate the city’s downtown transit terminal to provide a valuable transport service to the increasing number of passengers each year and also ease congestion on the road network.  

The new terminal was designed to not only provide an excellent customer experience but also improve the working environment of the staff. A new rest station was built for the drivers and the road layout was reworked to improve the traffic flow of the buses entering and leaving the terminal. 
Dedicated pick-up and drop-off areas, braille signage and heated shelters (much appreciated during the cold winter months) were installed to breathe new life into the terminal and improve the services for passengers. 

With long winters, the lighting was always going to play an important role in the success of this new terminal. Visibility is critical for drivers and commuters moving around the terminal and those waiting in the shelters during hours of darkness. 

The city wanted an energy-efficient, low maintenance lighting solution that would ensure the safety and comfort of all. It was also important that the luminaire and pole contribute to creating an attractive space that would set the scene for a pleasant customer experience.  

The Piano luminaire on the Korda bracket was perfect. This high performing luminaire delivers a bright and uniform light during the dark hours to ensure a clear passage and optimise the sense of security with a low power consumption.

A total of 17 luminaires are installed; 10 on a double Korda bracket to light both the pavements and roads at the same time, freeing up space. They are all inclined at a 90° angle to harmonise the installation and prevent any upward light spill.  

The refined design of the ensemble perfectly complements the design of the new buildings and shelters to create an aesthetically pleasing transport terminal. 

The new terminal is a hit with both staff and passengers who are thoroughly enjoying the improved infrastructure. 
The city is delighted with the new lighting that will reduce operating and maintenance costs and contribute to a responsible use of energy while ensuring a safer and more vibrant landscape. 

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