Ninove city centre

Urban lighting creates an engaging passage to improve accessibility and boost trade in Ninove city centre

Like many towns today, Ninove in the Belgian province of East Flanders, is facing new consumer behaviour. The local authorities decided to connect the historic centre of the city with the Ninia shopping centre on Kaardeloods street and thus breathe new life into the two areas at night. They built a new passage to:

  • provide a green landscape in the public realm;
  • create an attractive and safe public space;
  • support local businesses and the local economy.

Boost city-centre trade

To create a space for the public to experience and enjoy at all times of the day, the local authorities installed a vertical garden, benches, seating areas and artwork. They wanted to ensure that the passage was a place where people could relax and enjoy each other's company. To promote local businesses, 3 display windows were installed for retailers and associations to showcase their products and services.

Attractive and safe public space by day and night

It was essential that this new public space remain visually attractive and safe after dark, especially in the winter when days are particularly short. The local authorities entrusted us to design a lighting solution that would create a secure and welcoming nocturnal ambiance.

Thanks to our wide range of luminaires, we were able to provide a solution that would transform the space into a vibrant and accessible area for the public. They deliver a uniform lighting that prevents any dark zones and highlights obstacles so that pedestrians can comfortably move around after dark.



Contracting authority: Ninove city council
Architect: EVA architecten
Installation: Fluvius
Lighting operator: Fluvius
Posts: Arcos BV

The new lighting had to comply with the Belgian lighting standard NBN L 18-004-2022, which defines an average lighting level of 10 lux and uniformity of 40%. To fulfil the lighting requirements, we placed POSS luminaires in 1-metre-high wooden posts. This modern luminaire fits perfectly into the post and provides high-quality lighting, avoiding any shadows and any feeling of insecurity.

A cosy atmosphere to extend time spent outdoors

To create a cosy atmosphere at night so people would want to spend more time in this outdoor space, we used indirect lighting to highlight the various elements in the passageway. ILUM MARK linear luminaires were integrated into the seating areas to provide a relaxing space to sit in the evening and ensure clear visibility.

These luminaires have also been integrated into the arched artwork that lines the pedestrian walkway. They accentuate the clean lines and texture of the arches, giving the passage a strong identity. 

To ensure a perfect integration, the seating areas and artwork were adapted to the dimensions of the luminaires. ILUM MARK luminaires have also been used to illuminate the display windows, attracting the attention of passers-by.

A flexible lighting solution

The flexibility of the ILUM MARK range enables it to be used for a variety of possibilities from highlighting architectural structures to providing visual guidance for people and creating visually attractive urban landmarks. It was the perfect solution to facilitate a regular use of this space and create the desired welcoming ambiance.

The SCULPFLOOD 60 was installed to highlight the vertical garden and the mural. This compact, elegant spotlight offers great versatility, with photometry that can be adjusted on-site to perfectly achieve the desired lighting effect.

We're very pleased to have contributed to reviving Ninove city centre. It was a very interesting project for me, with regular contact with the people in charge to provide a lighting solution that perfectly matches their expectations.

Christophe de Vos - Area Sales Manager - Schréder Belgium
Christophe De Vos
Key Account Manager