Lexmond sportpark

Smart sports lighting improves light quality and output using less energy for significant savings

Lexmond sportpark is a complex that provides accessible and affordable training and playing facilities for various clubs in the town and the general public. The lighting on some of the pitches and tennis courts had deteriorated and was no longer providing the required lighting levels.

Sports lighting to pull out all the stops

Committed to offering excellent sports facilities for the health and well-being of the local community, the local authorities wanted a sports lighting solution that would: 

  • provide a high level of visual comfort so players can concentrate on their game;
  • give them the flexibility to adapt the lighting to different events taking place:
  • reduce energy and maintenance costs;
  • lower their carbon footprint. 

After visiting the complex during the general assembly of the sports foundation, our teams recommended the BRITELINE GEN2 floodlight and the Schréder ITERRA control system.

Sports lighting, with the first BRITELINE GEN2 in Europe

The newly launched BRITELINE GEN2 was perfect for the complex. It provides a high light output (200,000 lumens) to meet the needs of large outdoor sporting facilities with minimal energy consumption.

The energy-efficient sports floodlights were mounted at 15m on 4 masts to light the tennis courts. They ensure the required lighting levels and uniformity to meet sports regulations and Utrecht Safety Region’s standards.

They diffuse a bright white light (4,000K) with high visual comfort so players can easily keep their eye on the ball at all times and focus on the game in hand. 

The floodlights were inclined slightly on-site to prevent any light trespass into the surrounding areas.

Nieuwe Rijksweg 8


Lexmond Sportpark


Installation: Oostendorp Netherlands
>200 lux
ave illuminance
energy savings

On the ball football pitch lighting

A total of 5 BRITELINE GEN2 floodlights have also been installed to light the football training pitch. The floodlights have improved the quality of light for the local team, Lekvogels, allowing them to get straight to work on the pitch.

As the BRITELINE GEN2 is an LED floodlight, it can be switched on instantly which means that the coaches no longer have to turn the lights in advance, saving them time and the club money.

Schréder ITERRA: simple and smart sports lighting for even more savings

All the BRITELINE GEN2 floodlights are managed by the Schréder ITERRA control system. This wireless system enables the club members to easily adapt the light levels at any time using an App on their smartphone or a wireless remote control in the clubhouse. And as it is wireless, there was no need to lay cables around the tennis courts, avoiding unnecessary and costly work!

The new sports lighting can even be adapted by members to light only one tennis court at a time. The floodlights on each mast can be controlled separately. An easy-to-follow floor plan with explanations is available in the clubhouse so that all members can switch the lights on and off during training and matches.

By adapting the light levels to actual demand, the club will further reduce its energy consumption and consequently its electricity bill.

It's a huge energy saving. The old fixtures were using 16,000 watts, whereas the new floodlights are using only 5,600 watts a year. That's a considerable saving and we can even control the amount of light remotely.

Jan Verweij
Treasurer – Lexmond Sportpark

Robust to stay ahead of the game

The BRITELINE GEN2 is composed of sturdy materials to ensure a long life, even in harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the long life of the LEDs, the new floodlights will provide a quality light for many years to come and consequently significantly reducing maintenance operations, saving the club more money.

The new smart sports lighting has been very well received by the owners, clubs and players who are pleased with the improved visibility and comfort, flexibility and cost savings.