Rail Lighting Solutions

Minimal energy and maintenance costs while ensuring safety and comfort.

Every train journey begins and ends in a station. The impression that railway stations leave on a traveller impacts their view of the whole rail network. Train stations also act as gateways to a new area. They are often the first experience that a traveller gets of a village, town, or city. Today, railway stations operate around the clock and a modernisation programme is making railway stations fit for the 21st century, improving the passenger environment and looking to use cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to enable travellers to begin and complete their journeys.

Gary Bennett
Schréder Regional Director UK & Ireland

Station forecourt

The journey begins at the station forecourt, therefore the area needs to be inviting and easily accessible.  Lighting will help to not only create an inviting atmosphere but also the sense of security. 

Using lighting to create comfortable ambient light also creates attractive environments, while state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, with digital zoom or fully motorised control, keep an eye on people and their valuables such as bicycles, deterring the unwary and providing a sense of security.

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Car parks

Car parks are an essential part of train station infrastructure for commuters and other train users. As such, car parks need to be as safe as possible. According to authorities, any car park that is used during a period of darkness must be lit. Making sure you pick a luminaire that is easy to maintain, can be controlled and has a long lifetime is a must.  

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Intelligent and thoughtful lighting design builds confidence, allows people to see each other and makes them feel welcome. Shopping, eating and drinking are as much a part of the experience as riding the train. 
SCULP floodlights can increase brightness and visibility, so that passengers and staff can move safely and comfortably, while enhancing the station’s architecture. 

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Open Platforms

Based on Schréder experience and proven track record with LED lighting for open platforms, operators are looking for a fast return on investment with an environmentally friendly, easy-to-operate lighting solution, contractors are wanting to save time and avoid mistakes during installation, and commuters are requiring safe and comfortable platforms.  We have solutions that meet these challenges.  

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Schréder provides a complete delivery solution, including detailed design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Our ALINEA range offers the best value for our customers and a scheme that creates enjoyable, comfortable experiences for end users, available in an anti-climb version too, with the sloping slides of the handrail discouraging climbers from standing on it. 

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Needing a practical solution for trackside point inspection and tunnel lighting. You’ll need a floodlight that has glass protection which is designed to prevent the accumulation of water when laid flat, providing the reliability and performance when exposed to the elements. 

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Lighting junctions is important, it needs to be anti-glare so that the light doesn’t blind the driver but also needs to be directional so the driver can see which way to go. 

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Driver Walkways

Keeping your staff safe, giving them visibility of any hazards on route creating both efficient visual guidance and a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians the PHAROS bollard offers ‘fit and forget’ reliability, designed and tested for ‘real world’ vandal resistance, ensuring the longevity of the product, in line with industry-leading LED technology.  

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Maintenance Pits 

MY1 LED is the ideal lighting solution for indoor areas such as maintenance pits for cars and locomotives. Thanks to its robust design (aluminium and polycarbonate) and its various photometries, this versatile LED fixture provides safety and comfort for working people in these demanding places. By incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology.

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Maintenance Halls

Halls need an energy efficient high-bay floodlight that optimises safety and productivity. INDU BAY is the leading luminaire for lighting maintenance halls with a minimised total cost of ownership. Efficient, light, versatile and smart, it outperforms all other LED high-bay fixtures thanks to the substantial energy savings it generates and the performance it delivers over time.

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High Masts

Efficiency and versatility for high-mast applications is a must.  The IND FLOOD is perfectly suited for high-mast applications, INDU FLOOD offers a fast ROI as it delivers efficient lighting with high energy savings and low maintenance requirements, even in the most demanding environments. 

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SCULPLINE is a modern floodlight offering a wall washer effect that can be used for façade illumination. The available accessories enable lighting designers to sculpt the light to create a unique identity for train stations. SCULPLINE offers a wide palette of colours and lighting effects while providing huge energy savings thanks to its performing photometric engines, or if you are looking for something more bespoke we can design and make to order.

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