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For over 50 Years, Urbis Schréder has been an integral part of the UK’s exterior and interior lighting solutions. Providing fully integrated solutions delivering highly efficient products and service that is fully aligned to our customer outcomes. Our fully integrated 360-degree service provides the confidence and focus to outcomes in whatever the needs may be. From classroom to sports field, car park and campus, we are fully engineered to deliver a return on the funding investment for today and in future, releasing vital budgets for other priorities. 

Interior Lighting

Providing beneficial LED alternatives to luminaires with fluorescent lamps, we can offer a uniform and comfortable lighting for typical indoor venues such as reception areas, classrooms, sports halls, corridors and lifts; enhancing spaces to make learning easier and fun. 

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Building exterior

When considering whether a building should be lit, its importance as an individual entity, its position in the immediate surroundings and the view of it from the wider surrounds should be considered. If the building is within a district or urban space covered by an overall master plan for lighting, then the brightness of the building should be matched to that of surrounding properties.

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Playground & Carparking

While car parks are not usually areas where people want to spend time, well-lit ones contribute to creating a positive user experience. 

By improving the comfort and convenience, you not only assist people making their way about, you increase the chance that they will use it again and again. 
Our lighting solutions can help you to go that extra mile for employees, customers and visitors

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Installed at low heights, our luminaires diffuse a white light with a high-level of visual comfort and zero glare for a more pleasant and user-friendly environment.
In addition, their aesthetic yet robust designs enhance bike paths and parking areas, reducing the possibility of vandalism and contributing to high-quality infrastructure. Our lights also offer an excellent light output with minimal energy consumption, thanks to our performing light distributions, the spacing between the poles can be increased, reducing the initial investment and energy costs further. 


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Visitors and residents want to feel safe at all times but how can a lighting point make people more confident in outdoor areas? How can it connect them instantly to security staff and prevent hazardous situations turning into disasters? 

Our comfortable ambient lights create attractive environments, while state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, with digital zoom or fully motorised control, keep an eye on people and their valuables such as bicycles, deterring the unwary and providing a sense of security. We help people build confidence in outdoor areas. 

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For sports areas where both training and matches take place, variable level lighting can be installed so that less light is used during training sessions. It is important that the lighting controls are under management supervision to avoid players or coaches turning all the lighting to ‘international match standard’ when there is only the need for sufficient light for a small training session.

It is easy to provide accessible switches that bring on the ‘training’ level lighting but to have the ‘match’ level lighting controlled by a key-switch.

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  • Alura LED luminaire provides a sustainable lighting solution for St Marys Ascot
  • SCULPdot floodlights illuminate the grounds of St Marys Ascot
  • Pharos bollards illuminate walkways to create a secure passage
  • Wooden timber columns were chosen when lighting St Mary's Ascot to harmoniously integrate the landscape
  • Schréder luminaires fitted with specific optics for pedestrian crossings have improved visibility in Warsaw, leading to a decrease in accidents


Schréder's Indu Bay suitable or indoor lighting


Indu contiline - Schréder's indoor lighting products


Two sizes of Schréder's Indu panels suitable for indoor lighting
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Zenith, an exterior lighting product by Schreder
Discover Zenith Wall pack


Schreder product Pilzeo for Playground and carparking lights
Discover Pilzeo


Pharos LED Bollard by Schreder for schools - perimeters
Discover Pharos Bollard


Shuffle by Schreder - Security, campus, smart lighting
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A great luminaire for lighting up sports fields, stadiums and monuments.
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                                                Success stories



City of Westminster College

- No. of fittings: 2000+

- Cost savings over 5 years: £715,000

- Annual carbon savings: 510,000kg

Glynne Primary School

- No. of fittings: 493

- Cost savings over 5 years: £42,000

- Annual carbon savings: 29 tonnes

St Mary Magdalene School

- No. of fittings: 141

- Cost savings over 5 years: £13,000

- Annual carbon savings: 10 tonnes


" The new lighting is great! The quality of light diffusion and the light levels are brilliant. We can alter the light levels to suit the specific requirements of the space. I would definitely recommend them. "

- Floyd Milligan, Estates Manager, City of Westminster College



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