Oeiras sustainable living

SHUFFLE delivers smart infrastructure to promote more sustainable lighting and mobility

The city of Oeiras, on the north bank of the River Tagus, just 16km from Lisbon was once considered a dormitory borough. It has however undergone a radical transformation over the past few decades to become a forward-thinking city implementing creative and sustainable policies to create Oeiras Valley, a place where people are proud and love to live.

At the forefront of technology and innovation

As part of its masterplan that prioritises people and liveability, the city attracted a large number of prominent multi-national companies who opened offices and R&D centres to become a pole for the best talent, ideas and technology. 

With the best technology on their doorsteps, the local authorities are keen to take advantage to improve the quality of life for its citizens while enhancing operational efficiency, lowering operating costs and reducing the city’s carbon footprint. They have put a particular focus on sustainable mobility.

Sustainable urban mobility

Recognising that electric vehicles will play a significant role in securing a greener future on the roads, the local council knew that it needed to improve public confidence in being able to charge vehicles reliably, safely and conveniently. In short, it needed to invest in EV charging facilities. 

It was important however to develop the charging network in an intelligent manner; with infrastructure already connected to the grid and without cluttering up pedestrian paths. 

The SHUFFLE was a great solution for many reasons. This modular lighting solution integrates an EV charger at the bottom of the pole so there is no need for additional urban furniture on the footpaths and also enables the council to continue to roll out its programme of switching to more energy-efficient LED lighting. 

The SHUFFLE delivers a quality lighting with high visual comfort. With a light point just above the charger, people feel more secure to use this type of facility in the evening, especially in the darker months.  

The SHUFFLE also has the added advantage of integrating a light ring so that people can easily see from a distance if the charger is available or not. 

Along with 59 charging points that have been installed elsewhere, the borough now has the most complete, comprehensive and modern electric vehicle charging network in the country. It will be able to charge up to 80,000km/day which represents a reduction in fuel equivalent to 5,662 litres of diesel and 6,471 litres of petrol.1

Data-driven insights 

Controlled by the Schréder EXEDRA control system, the lighting can be dimmed at night when the spaces are not being used or adapted in real-time to meet the local needs or events taking place. It will enable the council to save energy while ensuring a safe and secure environment

Fitted with sensors to capture data, it will also help the town to get data-driven insights so they have an understanding of where the demand is coming from; how people will use the EV chargers will be critical in sizing, scaling and shaping the right infrastructure for the future.

Smart sustainable infrastructure 

A total of 17 SHUFFLE poles controlled by Schréder EXEDRA were installed at strategic points throughout the borough. 

In addition to the light, EV charger and light ring, the poles are also fitted with CCTV to reinforce the sentiment of security at night. 

Equally, they integrate WiFi hotspots to make the urban experience even more enjoyable for residents and tourists by providing free connectivity, which is also part of the city's wider social goals. With a large student population, this free WiFi access will also help bridge the digital divide, especially for students from lower-income families. 

Your smart city partner

As towns and cities grow, the challenges to meet the changing needs and expectations of people become more complex. We are delighted to accompany Oeiras council, helping them create urban spaces that meet these needs and bring them alive while building a sustainable future. 

1 https://innovationsoftheworld.com/oeiras-the-municipality/

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