Surfers Corner

Solar lighting creates a safer and more attractive beachfront after sunset for the local community and tourists

Muizenberg, a coastal town in South Africa, is renowned for its unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. It boasts a magnificent 20km-long beach and was ranked one of the top 20 surfing destinations in the world by National Geographic. The town regularly welcomes visitors – sometimes up to 12,000 cars pass through on the weekend - who come to enjoy the surf and rock climbing on the nearby cliffs.

In 2016, the town launched a plan - Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) - to redevelop the beachfront and make the area safer and more attractive for residents and the many tourists who visit each year.

Sustainable lighting to extend beach activities 

As part of the redevelopment, the local authorities wanted to install lighting on the beach so the surfers could spend more time when the surf’s up, and other visitors could continue to admire the stunning views as the sun sets. They wanted a sustainable lighting solution that would consume little energy and avoid heavy installation works in this natural landscape.

Solar lighting, ideal for this natural landscape

A solar lighting solution was ideal. Located right on the beach, these luminaires harness the power of the sun to ensure a safe space after dark. The solar panels have excellent energy storage options and autonomy so they can light the area for as long as needed.

The new lighting provides excellent visibility with high visual comfort but also demonstrates a strong resistance to the harsh coastal environment, so they will have a long life span.

Light, only where it is needed

The luminaires direct the light to the front of the beach where the activities take place to reduce light trespass in the water and protect sea life.

A cost-effective solution

Thanks to the robustness of the material installed and the long life of the LEDs, the solar lighting can operate for many years with minimal maintenance, so there will be little need for costly interventions by the local authorities.

A winning solution on all fronts

This off-grid solar lighting solution has made Surfers Corner a safer and more attractive area by night to the delight of the local community and tourists who now want to spend more time outdoors, bringing more business to the restaurants and surf shops along the beachfront.

As solar lighting is a clean and renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions, Muizenberg is respecting its commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

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