FLEXIA delivers sustainable lighting with design and visual comfort for busy town square

The town of Brunssum in the Netherlands is in the heart of Northwest Europe - an area which is often referred to as "the balcony of Europe”, due to its close proximity to several countries.

It is home to the Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) one of the two European NATO Joint Force Headquarters in Allied Command Operations. Over 1,500 people work in the Brunssum Headquarters and NATO agencies in the area, making it a lively, cosmopolitan town.

The local authorities are dedicated to nurturing community relations between the different nationalities and international events are often held in the city centre. In 2020, the city decided to upgrade the lighting on Dorpstraat, a busy square with plenty of commercial outlets and residential accommodation.

They wanted an aesthetic and environmentally responsible solution that would help them achieve a circular economy.

The FLEXIA, which had just been launched on the market, was the ideal solution.



Brunssum Council

Transitioning to LED lighting

The local council wanted to switch to more sustainable and energy efficient LED lighting that would provide savings of more than 50% compared to the current set-up (70W high-pressure sodium). In addition to reducing energy consumption, the local council was seeking to reduce glare for the residents living on the square and skyglow, a consequence of the old lighting poles.

The FLEXIA enables the town to achieve all of the above - it has in fact generated energy savings of 65%, significantly higher than what the local authorities were hoping for. In addition, it has improved the visual comfort, creating a much safer and cosier nightscape. Indeed, the lighting ensures a sense of security and well-being with no light spill for the those living on the square.

In addition to helping the town reduce its carbon footprint for many years to come, the modular design of the FLEXIA means it can be upgraded at any stage to take advantage of more sustainable technologies. And when the town decides, it can be easily dismantled and recycled for a circular economy.

Day and night

A busy area, it was important that the luminaire harmoniously integrate the square both by day and by night.
Curious to explore the potential of this first FLEXIA installation in the Netherlands, the town decided to install a mixture of FLEXIA Top and FLEXIA FG Midi luminaires.
The FLEXIA FG Midi are mounted on the Sofia bracket which has been customised to fit onto the existing pole with a curved structure.
All 11 FLEXIA FG Midi and 8 FLEXIA Top luminaires were installed in just over 24 hours, giving the square a brand new look and feel. During the day, the luminaires bring an understated elegance.
By night, they deliver a soft white light for a very safe, pleasant experience.

A first in the Netherlands

As a municipality, we are looking for innovation in public lighting, in whatever form. When we heard that this would be the first FLEXIA installation, we were keen to do it. We are very pleased with the results. The quality of light has increased considerably! The luminaires shine thanks to their design and the design of the LED lighting.

Nico Kersic
Public Lighting Manager - Brunssum