Manchester Airport Station

Energy efficient lighting enhances user experience and improves safety within the station.

Situated between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, Manchester Airport Railway Station centres the airport campus with all three terminals within a 10-minute walking distance from each other. Lifts, escalators and moving walkways connect the train station and terminal buildings, along with overhead signs to help guide passengers through the airport. 

Sustainable Transition to Energy-efficient Lighting

Urbis Schréder were approached by AMCOGIFFEN to replace the existing SON lanterns which had come to the end of their usable life. The lanterns were mounted on pillars aimed at the under canopy and ground to illuminate the ramps and ticketing area. The installation of new energy efficient LED lanterns enhanced the user experience, improved safety and helped commuters/passengers to navigate within the station.

On Track to Ideal Railway Lighting

For this project our INDU-FLOOD GEN 2 was selected, the ideal lantern especially in transport environments, considering its versatile mounting arrangements, LED optics and stock availability for projects requiring a fast delivery.

The airport train station will not only benefit from its efficiency and versatility for indoor and outdoor area lighting, but thanks to its robust and compact design, high-energy savings and low operating costs will be significant. 

This project is a great example of the correct lantern for the application, combined with the correct lighting for the task at the correct time in a rail setting. Creating an environment where passengers and travellers can easily be directed and guided to their desired destination, with a peace of mind.

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