Efficient street lighting in a classical design.


Inspired by the Victorian lanterns, the Albany LED street luminaire is designed to bring a touch of heritage with modern technology to your smart city.
Available in two sizes and with various mounting options, this outdoor LED luminaire is suitable for lighting large urban centres as well as villages or towns.
This classic luminaire offers quality lighting, significant energy savings and a low carbon footprint, while being connected-ready.
Adopted from Spain to China and from Brazil to Malaysia, Albany LED creates spaces in which people really feel safe and relaxed.

  • Two sizes for several applications
  • A classic of the Victorian era, the Albany LED urban lighting solution is notable for its design and versatility.
    The two sizes of the Albany LED range are perfectly suitable to light streets, side streets, squares, pedestrian paths and large pavements.

  • Easy maintenance
  • The gear compartment offers a tool less access using ¼ turn optic clamps.
    This operation allows the optical compartment to swivel open on a hinge.

  • Maximised energy savings
  • The Albany LED luminaires integrate the latest innovations. The
    combination of LED technology, a driver working within a constant flux system
    and a dimming system makes it possible to maximise energy savings.
    With its very favourable energy balance, the Albany LED luminaire contributes to an effective management of public finances and a responsible use of energy.

  • Towards sustainability
  • The Albany LED outdoor luminaires support global efforts for a more circular economy. In addition to its fully recyclable housing, this classic luminaire is equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology ready to improve the quality of your lighting installation, ensuring comfort and safety for people while offering significant energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.
    The electronic components can be replaced to extend the service life of the luminaire.

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Optimal photometry

Albany LED luminaires are developed with the LensoFlex®2 concept that is based upon the addition principle of photometric distribution.
Each LED is associated with a specific lens that generates the complete photometric distribution of the luminaire.
Schréder has developed a range of lenses that cover a wide range of photometric solutions.
The two sizes and the various photometries, combined with various mounting options, offer cities opportunities to provide the right light with minimal power consumption for all areas.


Recommanded installation height (m)
4.0 - 
Érintésvédelmi osztály
Névleges feszültség
Túlfeszültség-védelem (kV)
Kapcsolódó távfelügyeleti rendszer(ek)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
868 - 
Power consumption (W)
11.0 - 
Tipikus fényhasznosítás (lm/W)
LED színhőmérséklete
Korrelált színhőmérséklet (CRI)
Felfelé irányuló fénykibocsátási arány (ULOR)
Védettségi szint
Törési szilárdság
The gear compartment is IP 43.
Üzemelési hőmérsékleti tartomány (Ta)
-30°C up to +50°C / -22°F up to 122°F with wind effect
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
ALBANY MIDI LED - 590x570x590 | 23.2x22.4x23.2
ALBANY MAXI LED - 700x650x700 | 27.6x25.6x27.6
Tömeg (kg | lbs)
ALBANY MIDI LED - 8.0 | 17.6
ALBANY MAXI LED - 10.0 | 22.0
Sztenderd rögzítés
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm
Suspended 1’’ gas female
Post-top slip-over – Ø89mm
Suspended 1’’ 1/4 gas male
Post-top slip-over – Ø76mm
Post-top slip-over – Ø101mm
Suspended 1’’ gas male

Control systems

Control options for Albany LED

Albany LED has the following dimming options:
• Bi-power
• Custom dimming profile
• 1-10V
• Remote management

With Schréder’s wide range of Owlet control solutions, you are one-step closer to achieving your smart city vision. Our system approach allows you to use light in the smartest way, with the right level, in the right place and at the right time.
You save energy, lengthen the lifespan of your lighting installation, reduce maintenance costs, enhance comfort and increase safety.

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Installation and Maintenance

Suspended or fixed mounting

To suit multiple technical requirements, Albany LED is available with various mounting possibilities.
It can be installed using a suspended mounting: 1” or 1¼” gas (optional) male for female or 1’’ gas female on male, all secured with a counter-nut.
Post-top mounting on a stirrup fork and catenary suspension are also available.

Oszlopok és Karok

Cayado bracket

The Cayado galvanised steel lighting column is available in various configurations: with single, double or rear brackets, or with a wall bracket.
The Albany LED and Cayado ensemble allows various installation heights according to the size of the luminaire selected.
This range of options makes it possible to ensure aesthetic coherence for various applications throughout the town.