The most flexible and corrosion-resistant optical unit for your tunnel projects


In tunnels, creating optimal driving conditions is essential, especially where the environment is challenging. A high level of visibility and perfect uniformity are essential to ensure users’ safety inside the tunnel.
TFLEX STS MODULE provides robust lighting modules designed to enhance the road tunnel experience, even in the most difficult situation. Part of the TFLEX stainless steel concept, TFLEX STS MODULE is made of high grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel capable of resisting extreme conditions.
Equipped with optimised optics, it provides perfect visibility and uniformity throughout the tunnel, to guarantee driver safety. Its modular-based concept delivers a tunnel lighting solution capable of adapting to all kinds of tunnel project.
More than an optical unit, TFLEX STS MODULE is a complete solution, offering lighting, smart cabling and control all in one.

Powerful and reliable

TFLEX STS MODULE is made of a high grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel alloy developed to work perfectly in tunnels with extreme conditions. Its heat sink concept allows optimal heat dissipation, resulting in better performance over time. Made of 100% durable and recyclable materials, TFLEX STS MODULE offers a robust yet sustainable lighting solution.


Available in two sizes, TFLEX STS MODULE can be used alone, directly or remotely assembled. This modular approach offers the possibility of creating various lighting configurations to fit any tunnel project or geometry.

Enhanced lighting experience

TFLEX STS MODULE integrates the latest tunnel optic technologies to optimise lighting levels on road and wall surfaces, while providing high visual comfort. TFLEX STS MODULE enables flexible dimming with an optimised power factor, delivering outstanding performance and leading to unparalleled energy savings.

Easy cabling

TFLEX STS MODULE uses CPR-compliant custom-length cables with tool-free connectors to drastically ease and reduce mounting time.

Get permanently connected to your tunnel environment

TFLEX STS DRIVE is the driver box enabling remote assembly with one or two TFLEX STS MODULEs. This remote connection is ensured by pre-assembled CPR-compliant cables, with tool-free connectors to guarantee fast and easy installation. Integrating the most recent drivers and control technologies, TFLEX STS DRIVE is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS 4 and ATS 4 DALI), a powerful tunnel control system enabling precise dimming and switching, installation commissioning, as well as monitoring and reporting. No matter how variable the tunnel conditions might be, this control system enables your TFLEX STS MODULE to provide a quick response to any sudden event.


Informations générales

Hauteur de installation recommandé (m)
3.0 - 

Informations électriques

Classe électrique
Protection contre les surtensions (kV)
Protocoles de contrôle
Options de contrôle


Flux sortant du luminaire (lm)
13200 - 
Puissance consommée (W)
86.0 - 
Effacité luminaire (lm/W)

Informations optiques

Température de couleur des LED
Indice des rendu des couleurs (IRC)

Boîtier et finition

Stainless steel (AISI 316L / 1.4404)
Tempered glass
Degré d'étanchéité
Résistance aux chocs
Access for maintenance

Durée de vie

Toutes les configurations
Lifetime may be different according to the size/configurations. Please consult us.

Conditions de fonctionnement

Plage de température de fonctionnement (Ta)
-30°C up to +45°C / -22°F up to 113°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions et montage

AxBxC (mm | inch)
TFLEX STS MODULE HD40 : 440x115x434 | 17.3x4.5x17.1
TFLEX STS MODULE HD60 : 440x115x640 | 17.3x4.5x25.2
TFLEX STS MODULE HD100 : 440x115x1074 | 17.3x4.5x42.3
Poids (kg | lbs)
TFLEX STS MODULE HD40 : 8.0 | 17.6
TFLEX STS MODULE HD60 : 12.0 | 26.4
TFLEX STS MODULE HD100 : 22.0 | 48.4
Possibilités de montage
Surface mounting

Systèmes de contrôle

TFLEX STS MODULE control options

Connected to its driver box, TFLEX STS MODULE is compatible with various control options:
• Remote management
• DALI or 1-10V network protocols
• Bi-power

TFLEX STS MODULE is compatible with the Advanced Tunnel System 4 (ATS 4 and ATS 4 DALI), a smart control solution co-developed by Schréder and Phoenix Contact.

Installation et maintenance

Ceiling and wall mounting

The fixed brackets allow standard mounting on flat surfaces, be it on walls or ceilings. The brackets are ANSI 3G vibration validated.

Plug & Play

The electrical connection to the gear box or other modules is achieved via pre-assembled CPR-compliant cables, equipped with tool-free connectors, drastically reducing installation time and avoiding any wiring issues.