Bespoke Linear Lighting Solutions

Our ability to design and manufacture custom made luminaires that are project specific are unmatched. From the moment we successfully designed and delivered the iconic light towers that surrounded Sydney Olympic Park at the 2000 Olympic Games, we have been rising to the challenge of creating functional and beautiful lighting installations. More recent examples include the Brisbane Supreme Court redevelopment, Wynyard and Town Hall Stations in Sydney, and the National Gallery of Australia.

Schréder STUDIO tweaks existing luminaires or designs iconic solutions to meet our customers aspirations

When you want more than the standard 

Customer feedback plays a critical role in our innovative design process and we are continuously extending and improving our offer. Schréder STUDIO - our in-house design service - takes up the challenge, engineering dedicated solutions and optimise features to meet our customers’ own technical preferences. 

Last 10
1,500 tons
Recyclable Aluminium processed
Customised LED modules designed
Projects delivered

Full-scope service

An efficient and transparent process delivers quality custom products in a short time. It all starts with a feasibility study and a cost assessment. The design phase explores all possible ways to deliver the result. We work with multiple software packages to provide the calculations and visualisations to facilitate the validation.
To ensure that the final product will meet expectations at every level, we use rapid prototyping to test the functionalities. This allows stakeholders to explore the fine details while enabling us to propose improvements for the final design.
Depending on the project, bespoke products are manufactured on our assembly lines or built by a dedicated team.

Inspired Experience

Our customer’s project ambitions have led to some groundbreaking product and technological developments within the Austube portfolio. Every project that we complete helps to inform a new level of excellence on the next. By truly understanding the requirements of a project, we can adapt and expand on our offering to deliver over and above for our clients.

Our agile and adaptive approach to product development is what allowed us to develop a bespoke luminaire that complied to WELL standards for UGR, circadian colour mimicking and power efficiency for ACT’s Constitution Place. This approach was also the driving force for fulfilling the needs of Sydenham Station, which required a seamless integration of lighting, speakers, cameras and cableways.


We possess unparalleled expertise in creating and producing bespoke luminaires tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Greg Bell
Business Manager