Office Lighting Solution

In today's work environment, companies are actively seeking innovative approaches to boost employee productivity and well-being, all while prioritizing energy savings, operational efficiency, and space utilization.

Austube Schréder offers a solution that aligns with sustainability objectives and enhances occupant well-being. Moreover, our connected lighting systems provide a solid foundation for the expanding trend of smart buildings.

By leveraging smart lighting solutions, businesses can optimize service delivery, streamline operations, enhance workplace design, and ultimately create a positive impact on the employee experience. This holistic approach enables organizations to achieve their goals of improved productivity, energy efficiency, and employee well-being, while embracing the potential of smart and sustainable solutions.

Your Security

A good tunnel is a safe tunnel! Ensure safety with optics that deliver excellent uniformity on the road and walls as well as optimised contrast levels for perfect visual guidance and visibility.

Your Mobility

Facilitate a smooth traffic flow thanks to lighting that enables drivers to quickly adapt to the tunnel environment, identify possible obstacles and travel without reducing speed.

Your Investment

Benefit from the most advanced LEDs, drivers, optics and control systems to significantly minimise operating costs and tunnel closures without compromising on the safety of motorists.

Your Guarantee

Comply with the CIE and local regulations for lighting as well as the most stringent data security requirements (IEC and ISO standards) and the TERN regulations for vital infrastructure.