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At Schréder, we believe every smart system, no matter which company supplies it, or which customer uses it, should be:

  • Simple
  • Modular
  • Automation-driven
  • Resilient and
  • Trustable.

This series of five white papers explores general considerations for any organisation thinking of investing in a smart system for public lighting.

Schréder EXEDRA is easy to use so cities can quickly deploy connected lighting systems


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Schréder EXEDRA is open and interoperable so cities can connect seamlessly on their smart journey


Automation driven is a key feature of Schréder EXEDRA so cities can connect


Schréder EXEDRA ensures that all connected lighting solutions are resilient


Schréder EXEDRA is ISO 27001 to minimise risks associated with cyberattacks


Modern cities are driven by data drawn from every device across the city, from street lights to security cameras. Every public infrastructure asset that is connected to the internet is a potential target for a cyberattack. The answer is not to give up on the myriad benefits smart systems can bring but to mitigate risks by following industry best practices and investing in trustable systems. The first step is to choose an  ISO 27001 certified system. 

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