Together for Our Planet - 2021

We want to be responsible for our planet by reducing our own, and our customer’s environmental impact. 

Patrick Geerts - Chief Operating Officer - Schréder
Patrick Geerts
Chief Operations Officer
Together for Our Planet SDGs

As a manufacturing company, we know that our operations have an impact on the environment. Furthermore, our products consume energy. Despite technological advances, 95% of a luminaire’s environmental impact is still related to its energy use. 

Our Together for Our Planet strategy was built to make a positive contribution to achieving SDG’s 7, 9 and 12. 

Schréder is reducing its carbon footprint by 25% for 2023

Our footprint 

We are committed to playing a key role in protecting the environment by reducing the impact of our operations, products and services. 

For 2023, we aim to reduce our company carbon footprint by 25% (compared to 2018).

In 2020, we had already achieved a 16% reduction compared to 2018. 

2020 annual footprint Schréder

Our operations

We will achieve this by reducing: 

  • our consumption of raw materials by reviewing our product design to increase material efficiency; 
  • the impact of our energy consumption by shifting, wherever possible, our factories to green energy and by investing in technologies that enable energy savings; 
  • the impact of our logistics operations through flow optimisation; 
  • our employee mobility impact by limiting business travel and integrating greener mobility solutions for employees.

A few 2020 highlights 

reduction in paper
solid waste recycled
decrease in air travel
When combined with efficient luminaires, Schréder EXEDRA can reduce energy consumption by 85%

Our products

We are constantly developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Take our LensoFlex® concept, now in its 4th generation. This technology combines high-power LEDs with precision lenses to provide optimised light distributions and very high efficiency. This latest generation is the smallest yet, meeting stringent safety requirements while using less material.

In 2020, we launched Schréder EXEDRA, the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing street lights. Combined with efficient luminaires, it can cut energy consumption by as much as 85%. 

Schréder's Circle Light Label demonstrates the circularity of its luminaires

Circular Design

As part of our on-going mission to develop products with the lowest environmental impact, we decided to integrate circular economy concepts into the design of our luminaires. 

In the absence of independent standards, we carefully analysed the potential circularity of luminaires to introduce a “circular lighting” product label. 

This Circle Light Label assesses the luminaire circularity based on twelve objective criteria. It takes into account performance, maintenance, refurbishment, disassembly and recycling potential.

All new products by Schréder must obtain 4 stars for the Circle Light Label

We use this label to challenge the development teams to improve the luminaire’s design, as we want to incorporate circularity into our luminaire’s DNA, right from the onset.

For 2022, our goal is for 80% of our new products to score 4 stars (the most) for the Circle Light Label.  

In 2020, 100% of our new products obtained 4 stars. We also analysed the highrunners in our portfolio and 24 of the 45 luminaires scored 4 stars.