Energy saving and visual comfort define the modernization of public lighting in Zalakomár

The issue of public lighting has been a recurring topic at city council meetings in Zalakomár for years. The old lighting system became obsolete, and the replacement of defective luminaires was getting more and more complicated. There were several areas in town where the lighting levels did not meet the standards defined based on the type of the road.

In October 2018 local authorities have decided to replace the lighting scheme. Their goal was to realize an investment that would serve the development of their town in many ways.

The old luminaires fitted with traditional, obsolete lightsources were replaced with 375 modern LED devices. The modernization of public lighting has enabled local authorities to reduce not only energy costs, but maintenance and operational costs as well.

They opted for lighting devices produced by Schréder Plc. KAZU luminaires were installed in park areas and around the city hall. The lighting of critical junctions and the M7 highway crossing the town is ensured by high performance TECEO luminaires. The remaining streets of the town are now lit by VOLTANA products.

The richly decorated, monumental baroque church which was built in 1771 is now highlighted by NEOS LED luminaires in the town center.

The council has not only made the town safer for its citizens by this investment but has also reduced the energy consumption of public lighting by 53%.